• Bryon Harris

FSG Rell - 'Fed Up'

Finding the next hit song can be like looking for a needle in a haystack, but occasionally an independent artist comes along who simple has "the it factor." This is the case with FSG Rell. He’s got the talent, the instinct, the drive, the charisma, great stage presence and whole lot of hit songwriting skills. He knows how to collaborate with top talent to make his songs shine. He’s a rapper with polished skill, but still easy for the masses to relate to.

I am not alone in my enthusiasm for this artist. In the past 5 months, FSG Rell has been on the rise. Atlantic Records had him come down for a coveted meeting with the label. He has been interviewing on major platforms as well by DJ Smallz Eyes, Saycheese Digital, and national radio stations. FSG Rell is from the small city of Pottstwon, PA outside Philadelphia. In addition to music, he has his own clothing line. To hear what all the hype is about, check out FSG Rell's chart making single, "Fed Up"

Rell’s “Fed Up” featuring Dahlia hits all the key marks for being a hit song. Layers of synth create a build up to the drop of the bass as Dahlia enters showcasing her immaculate R&B/Hip-Hop style and quickly getting you entranced in the music. Transitioning from the verse into the chorus the beat switches up taking on a more electronic influenced beat.

Tying everything together, FSG Rell comes in with heat on his verse with a creative mix of boastful and clever lines with a modern style that could be on the radio. Between the two highly talented artist, an interesting beat, and high quality mix, “Fed Up,” is not a song you want to sleep on. “Fed Up” is about being fed up with your man and your man defending himself. The chorus is completely contagious and would catch fire easily on FM. The two artist just nail their performance on every level.

FSG Rell is managed by Dante George aka "FSG Tae". Rell has released several mixtapes out such as “FMB”, “No Lookin Back”, & “HighSchool Debut”. His latest single Gucci Prada Fendi is out on all platforms and has been on national radio. His music can be found on Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, & every other major music platform. It is very clear why FSG Rell is attracting major label reps. Don’t miss this artist. Add FSG Rell to your playlist today.

For more information, visit FSG Rell on SoundCloud or pick up his music on iTunes.

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