• Bryon Harris

Dante Palminieri - 'Miles Apart'

Singer-songwriter Dante Palminieri has an incredible knack for popular song-writing. He is also a great guitar player and producer. Having studied at the Berklee College of Music, Dante draws his inspiration from many sources ranging from John Meyer to Ed Sheeran to Jason Isbell. As a teen, Dante was into rock and was lead vocalist for the metal band Kaymus so even bands like Audio-slave have played a role in forming his original sound.

Dante released his first EP From Me to You in January, 2018. Relatively new to the scene, he is already getting rave reviews and making a splash. He followed up the successful EP debut with the single “Beautiful” about the everydayness of a relationship. Dante is off to a great start in 2019 with his latest release, the synth-pop single “Miles Apart.”

The smooth and polished track of “Miles Apart” is played by creative guitar covered in a light, synth blanket. The production work is superior. The pop-electronic synth and guitar melt together as one creating a dreamy landscape that sets the stage for Dante’s incredible vocal talent. With just guitar and synth, the track is filled with electronic nuance and a nice beat.

Dante’s pitch perfect, clear voice stops you in your tracks with a great tone. His sound is FM radio quality. His vocals build to the chorus with good intensification. Through subtle vocal articulations and expression, He brings it back down for the verses, but never let’s go of the expression of the lyrics.

The chorus is very catchy and will stick with you long after you’ve heard it. “I can keep my eyes staring Back into yours Even after the room goes dark I can keep my fingers Tracing over your skin Even after we’re miles apart.” In “Miles Apart’ Dante perfectly paints what it feels like to let go of a relationship that is ending. You are together, but you feel alone.

Dante is tremendously expressive, both lyrically and musically, making “Miles Apart” a glistening synth-pop song to add to your favorite playlist. If you haven't discovered Dante yet, give him a listen. You will be glad you did.

For more information about Dante, please visit his website.

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