• Bryon Harris

Heather & Snow - 'Breathe New Life'

Heather & Snow are an Electronic Pop duo who do more than create current music - they create music from the future. Yes, you read that correctly. The duo has released a new single titled “Breathe New Live” that technically came from the year 2072 to save the sounds of 2019.

Their future world is void of beauty. Commentaries blame the resurgence of 90's grunge music. A cure was discovered in 2072 by Professor Snow and his team of physicists who swapped the consciousness of 2 hosts (their technology is advanced). A fluke during the experiment made time travel possible and Professor Snow’s team was able to infuse the current music scene with a dose of 80’s sensibility: deep lyrics, hooky melodies and solid choruses. Later, Professor Snow swapped his own consciousness with a UCLA research center janitor and approached the 80’s pop sensation, Heather White, with a proposition to make great music. Via a CSM (consciousness swapping machine), Professor Snow and Heather White swapped bodies with Jeff and Alycia Betz of Milwaukee Wisconsin in 2017; it just so happens that Jeff and Alycia live near super producer, Dave Olson. All this might sound like Invasion of the Music Snatchers, but it’s all in a day’s work for Heather & Snow.

The song “Breathe New Life” is a great example of what the future of music promises. The song opens with delicate, clock-like patterns that sound like an electronic music box. These phrases play innocently like a dream; there is an other-worldly quality that draws you in. But don’t get too comfortable because a tinge of dissonance appears, like a little twist of fate, that let’s you know the song is going to have plenty of substance. This duo is not about coloring inside the box. Alycia sings “ Time changes and things are not the same. Done with these games.” Her voice is crystal clear with a silky, cool presence that is both tender and strong. She creates a powerful mystery. Her performance is mesmerizing and as polished as diamond. The track builds with intensity through a deep, pulsing bass line that moves in sixteenths. The percussion comes in with machine tight precision. Alycia sings the chorus,” Oh, and we know, and we see, and we breathe. Oh, and we know, and we see, and we breathe new life We breathe new life We breathe new life.” A spectacular layering of vocalese with effects like nothing you have heard before are added. Here the vocals sound like ghosts and the acrobatic ability of Alycia's vocal textures, tones, range and dynamics are truly impressive . This part of the track is hauntingly good.

A bridge section gets intimate and reflective. “I remember the day you held me so sweet, called me lover.”

The artistic vision, creative arrangement. and vocal genius of this song has award-winning commendations all over it. With so much substance, the song comes together seamlessly and by the time it is over, you will be hitting replay to hear it again. “Breathe New Life” lives up to it’s promise and delivers music that is full of life because it is more than words, an arrangement, electronic know-how and great vocals – this, people, is art.

For more information on Heather & Snow, please visit their website.

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