• Bryon Harris

Rooftop Heroes - 'Heroes'

“Rooftop Heroes” is a 4-member indie-pop band from Switzerland. Mike Frei (lead vocals and guitar), Daniel Frei (bass and vocals), Tobi Engeler (lead guitar and vocals) and Samuel Forster (drums and vocals) have undeniable talent and appeal. The band is killing it on YouTube and Spotify where they have over 250k plays. A great way to get to know “Rooftop Heroes” is to catch the great vibes in their latest single, “Heroes.”

Before I dig into the review, check out the inspiring video:

Rooftop Heroes have put out a timeless, weekend hit single. From the start, you will find yourself bopping along, clapping to the beat, and singing with the band. The song is extremely inviting with a cathy-as-hell melody that gets stuck in your heard long after you’ve heard it.

Musically, the song will sweep you off your feet with a combo of organic rock band elements and great production work for a track that steams off the sidewalk and lifts you up. In addition to great songwriting, the band has fantastic performance chops as they clearly know how to connect with their audience. I didn't it was possible to pack this much charisma into one video.

Summer is around the corner and "Heroes" is poised to chart. This could easily climb Billboard with it’s feel-good energy and strong hook. "Heroes" could be the next blue collar American anthem of our time. Inspired by everyday people who work the jobs that make a positive impact on sociefeelty, the band does a fantastic job giving props to the working class. They even setup a fundraiser called “Show Love For the Heroes” to help families who are struggling to make ends meet.

Summer festivals take note - Rooftop Heroes are one HOT band with a HOT summer tune that will bring down the house with universal appeal and an undeniable stage charisma that shows they are ready for big stages.

For more information on Rooftop Heroes, please visit their website.

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