• Bryon Harris

James Lee Baker - 'Disappear for the Weekend'

On the first day of summer, June 21, 2019, BWH Music Group released the sizzling hot summer compilation album, 'That Summer, Vol. 2, by Various Artists.' The album offers 16 songs from internationally acclaimed and award-wining independent artists James Lee Baker’s song "Disappear for the Weekend” is one of the phenomenal songs featured on the album.

James Lee Baker states that “Disappear for the Weekend” is a song that reminds me of summer in California - the open wineries, the beaches, the roadside fruit stands, the food truck parties, and music festivals.” If ever there was a song for the summer that you could listen to all year, it would be “Disappear for the Weekend.” Smooth lead guitar invites you join James Lee Baker on the road as he drives along the Cali coast in "Disappear for the Weekend." As the track unfolds, everything is crisp and tight from the light percussion to the strumming guitars and tasteful riffs. Taking center stage is the story and the way it is performed. Starting with the story, James Lee Baker is fond of detail. Like most great Americana songwriters, he draws you in with small observations and insight. The details are the highway 1 sunset, the sun over the ocean, stars on top his car, a sip of red wine and candlelight and the lovely insight is that "loving you is quite the journey in and of itself but I want to see the world and all its sights With you and no one else"

Fun, romantic, and carefree, "Disappear for the Weekend" is a song for every couple who needs a getaway. And if you can't getaway for the weekend, then go for a day drive with someone you love, because James Lee Baker has provided a great turn-it-up and roll-down-the-window tune to take you away.


About James Lee Baker:

Texas native James Lee Baker is being hailed as an emerging artist in the Folk and Americana musicscape. He is known for his clear, expressive and soaring voice, eloquent and tasteful finger-style guitar playing, and relatable lyrics steeped in stories of the heartland. "Disappear for the Weekend" was chosen for the TCMA's "Best Texas Country Picks" compilation album and the song "Two Cageless Birds" was awarded the John O'Hara Singer-Songwriter Performance Grant. His songs have appeared on several music charts including the FolkDJ Radio, the Airplay Today Top 100 Country/Americana, and The Roots Music Report Top 15 Contemporary Folk charts. James has also shared the stage with several renowned Folk artists like Ellis Paul and Vance Gilbert. In March of 2019, James was selected as a finalist for the prestigious Al Johnson Songwriting Contest at the Wildflower Music Festival in Texas.

For more information on James Lee Baker, please visit his website.