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River Barons – ‘The Ballad of Daniel Proud’

River Barons is an alt-country/rock band from San Antonio, Texas playing “South Texas Rock.” Their influences are rooted in rock, country, and blues. Their songs are driven by real life experiences and the sounds of the many Texas legends that have come before them. The band consists of Gonzalo Gonzales on guitar and vocals, Jordan P. Williams on guitar, Genaro Ortiz on bass, and Daniel Proud on drums.

“The Ballad of Daniel Proud” is a single off the band’s EP, Victim’s and Villains. The song gets immediately to the point, starting with a simple arrangement of vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and a shuffle groove. A tasteful slide part catches the listener’s attention in the second half of the verse, and the rest of the band joins in at the top of a solo section a few bars later, showcasing their instrumental abilities over the verse changes.

Coming out of the solo, the band lays down a tight rhythmic groove behind the vocals with another verse, playing slightly behind the beat in a way reminiscent of the blues idiom. Arriving at the chorus, the listener’s attention is pulled in with a lift, accomplished with simple, but effective chord changes. The counter-melodies played on the piano, first heard on the first solo section return, providing the chorus with a perfect mix of groove, and melodic content.



The song’s lyrics are derived from true events involving River Baron’ very own Daniel Proud, who according to the band, “has had some of the toughest luck of anyone in Texas.” After hearing this particular story from Proud at rehearsal, the band was inspired to write this song. With lyrics that tell the story of dog bites, girls, and stolen wallets, listeners will find the song relatable and humorous.

“The Ballad of Daniel Proud” is a well written song performed by a band at the top of their game. It is clear that River Barons’ has done their homework, creating a sound that is unique, but respects and pays homage to Texan musicians that have come before them.

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