• Bryon Harris

Anana Kaye - 'A Scar To Remember You By'

Anana Kaye is an Indie Alt-Americana duo that won’t disappoint even the most discerning ears. Hailing from Georgia (the ancient country on the crossroads of Europe and Asia) and currently working out of Nashville, Anana Kaye and Irakli Gabriel deliver the kind of music that will perk up your ears and crack open your heart. This is music for those who are tired of the same old formulas. A great way to discover the talent of this duo is to check out their new single "A Scar To Remember You By." The title of Anana’s Kaye’s new ballad, “A Scar to Remember You By.” brings up feelings and images of broken-hearts and twisted soul-ties. Written by Irakli Gabriel, Mike Scott, Freddie Stevenson and Julia Haltigan, Anana delivers a deeply soulful interpretation that cuts like a knife through the songs beautiful and haunting hills and valleys of love and loss.

The chorus is very memorable and could easily catch fire with the masses. “Since we’re apart, all that’s left of my heart is a scar to remember you by." With universal lyrics and a strong hook, the song has mass appeal, but it is never cookie-cutter or inside-the-box. “A Scar to Remember You By” has musical substance that is very well arranged and orchestrated. Thick bass lines and swooshing percussion capture the song’s depth while gentle finger-picking guitar and piano add to it's tender and raw emotion.

“A Scar To Remember You By” leaves the kind of musical scar that sends shivers up your spine and chokes your throat, and you never forget the first time you hear it. It’s impossible to feel nothing and possible to feel everything when Anana sings.

About Anana Kaye:

The duo features Anana Kaye's moving voice and polished keyboards along with Irakli’s creative approach to guitar. Their first EP, 'Sentient,' came out in 2016. The duo collaborated with songwriters Freddie Stevenson and Mike Scott of The Waterboys. Their second record 'Detour' was released August 2019. This album explores themes of alienation, depression and resiliency with intimacy and tenderness, bravery and creative edginess.

Anana Kaye is one of the best find's of the year. For more information on Anana Kaye, please visit their website.

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