• Bryon Harris

Echoheart - 'Let Me Know'

Energetic rhythm guitar strumming with driving bass lines and rockin’ drums get you hooked from the start of “Let Me Know” by Echoheart. Singer Marina Heath keeps it real on the first verse. “I learned a lot about love when I was alone and I’m not the type of person born made out of stone. I cry all the time and I feel like that’s fine.” Signature to Echoheart’s writing, the lyrics encompass self-reflection and a direct honesty that tells it like it is.

As the song travels down, on its indie-alt-rock road, the two-musicians (Marina Heath on vocals and guitar and Pablo Hannan on drums) keep the energy full and intense. These two make a lot of sound together. Guitar fills weave in and out of the song adding to the catchy tunefulness of the song.

The band knows how to write a song that dives into emotion without suffocating it in angst - this makes their music very appealing. In a way, it's like saying - this is how it feels, but it's okay. The chorus to “Let Me Know” is hook-heavy with a tune that is very contagious. “I feel old, but not old enough. I’m grown, but grown into what. My friends feel so past tense, I’m still wondering when it’ll start to make sense. I feel young with no energy. I feel new, but still fading. My friends feel so past tense, I’m still wondering when it’ll start to make sense.” These are lyrics for the masses. “Let me Know” has captured what’s on everyone’s mind if you are under the age of 30. It has all the makings of a hit song. With undeniable mass appeal, the song has the potential to catapult Echoheart onto the playlists of everyone in their generation. Echoheart gives a voice to the young adult masses with mature self-reflection, real-deal honest lyrics, all wrapped up in a fun rockin’ tune that lifts you up.


About Echoheart

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Hailing from Rockville, Maryland, Echoheart consists of two twenty-something musicians: Marina Heath on guitar and vocals and Pablo Hannan on drums. Marina and Pablo started the band in 2015 and have worked, non-stop, releasing EPs, singles, and music videos. Determined to share their music and make meaningful connections with their fans, the band books their own tours from coast to coast and gives it their all with high-energy, engaging shows.

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