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3Mind Blight - 'Breaking Down'

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

“Breaking Down” from 3Mind Blight is a perfect way to introduce yourself to his signature sound that takes aspects of rock and grunge metal and fuses them with hip-hop influences for a truly addictive musical experience.

Killer drums with double-pedaled kicks lead in accompanied by huge, crunchy distorted guitars playing a chromatic progression for a haunting timbre.

3Mind Blight takes on the arrangement with an aggressive hip-hop flow and ends his phrases switching between low, melodic rock vocals and controlled screaming that fits together in a surprisingly seamless manner. All the production, mixing and mastering,lyrics,vocals and performance were conceived and executed by Michael Boucher (aka 3Mind Blight).

Between the timbre of the instrumental arrangement and the stylistic changes between vocal motifs, 3Mind Blight truly captures the essence of having a mental breakdown. "Breaking Down" is about losing your psychological grip and the intense roller-coaster of fear and emotions associated with a momentary break from reality.

Representing a possible moment of clarity, about halfway through the record, the arrangement takes a dramatic shift changing over to a light piano lead with ethereal effects sweeping the soundscape as he sings, “We all breakdown sometimes / It’s okay to slow lose your mind / To slip away.”

This moment only lasts for so long before 3Mind Blight goes back into the heavy rock arrangement and the breakdown.

Like the puzzle pieces of a broken mind, “Breaking Down” captivates with jagged pieces of metal, rock, and rap glued together, seamlessly, by a track that twists and turns down sanity's road for a gripping musical and emotional ride.

3Mind Blight's dynamic musical world is an experience you won't soon forget.

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