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A Permanent Shadow - 'Fool'

A delicate piano phrase plays in the air. You hear soft arpeggios. It's pretty and gentle, with an airy sound. You almost feel as though the sound is coming from a cathedral. But wait, there's something amiss. A much lower bass line walks underneath it as if to enlighten us of a darker motif. Anticipation is created. From the start of the song, A Permanent Shadow uses brilliant musical word painting to depict the concept that things are not always what they seem. Like the name of the band, A Permanent Shadow casts a shadow over the lovely piano introduction which represents our blind beliefs. The innocent piano lets us know that even if things feel nice, they may not be real. After a few bars, A Permanent Shadow's lead singer, CP Fletcher opens up the song, replacing the pretty flowing piano phrases with a punk-rock vocal entrance that cuts through the veil of deception like a knife.

"Beauty can’t replace your heart and soul and wings will never hide the Devil’s boots."

As the song moves forward, the tempo increases in urgency. The percussion comes in like a march jolting your body and senses. It's militant and crisp. CP Fletcher uses a variety of electronic effects on his vocals adding a electronica-pop-rock vibe. His voice moves from clear and concise to a haunting echo filled with reverb. His expression is formal and fantastic as he uses these synth effects to create interesting vocal textures. The chorus of "Fool" is extremely memorable and will stick to your skin. Here the song shows it's strong electronica-pop sensibilities and mass appeal.

"Had it with you, had it with you. You’ll never make my dreams come true. You’ll never be me and I will never be you. I won’t waste my prayers on you. Just like a fool."

The band consists of Valen Nieto (producer, guitar, bass, keyboards), Albert Catalá (arrangements, synthesizers, piano), and CP fletcher (vocals). In "Fool" the band achieves the perfect mix of punk and electronica. On the punk side, there is a strong wave of rebellion and an edginess. On the electronica side, the song pulls you in with techno,dance, and ambient sounds sounds the you can move to and get lost in.

A Permanent Shadow's "Fool" could be about a lover or it could be about something much bigger and more powerful - religion. "You preach about a light I fail to see Its reach reduced to those who’re on their knees." The lyrics are intelligent and highly poetic. "Fool" is a call to wake up to the destruction caused by blind faith.

In "Fool," A Permanent Shadow reveals religion's delusions and darker side, as though they are peeling the layers of an onion and they do this with intelligent lyrics, a punk attitude, electronic textures, and very catchy melodies. A Permanent Shadow has permanent substance - from the lyrics to the music, they cast a spell.

About A Permanent Shadow

"Fool" is the second single by A Permanent Shadow, an electronic rock group from Barcelona. The song is in advance of the full-length album 'Songs of Loss' coming this fall. The band incorporates post and funk punk along with synth pop to create engaging musical landscapes. At the helm, lead singer CP Fletcher creates various characters and stories, some real and some fictional, to enhance the band's songs about the underside, the darker side, of life's experiences.

Also off the album, please check out the single "Empty." The video below shows CP Fletcher who appears in multiple guises alongside a series of actresses such as Martha Wood and Claudia Haze. The video was directed by horror movie director Dani Moreno at Chaparra Entertainment.

Please visit A Permanent Shadow's website for more information.

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