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A Permanent Shadow - "See The Light" by Simple Minds

Review by Daniel Hoyt & Staff

“See the Light” is a 1991 Pop Ballad by Simple Minds, but in this version done by A Permanent Shadow, the music is a little more eerie and emotional. The opening has that “Space Oddity” by David Bowie feel, with a dystopian reality vibe. As the song continues, a country or folk like acoustic can be heard mixing with a trap beat. This really pulls in that modern element, while infusing some different sounds.

The piece was originally written by Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill of Simple Minds, and features vocals here by CP Fletcher; synth and piano by Albert Catalá; and programming, guitar and bass by Valentin Nieto. This song is a cover song, so the message is interpreted to how the cover artist wants to portray the piece mixed with how the original writers feel.

A Permanent Shadow's version of the tune is more stripped of the pop elements and takes the direction of pieces like “The Sound of Silence” when Disturbed reimagined the Simon and Garfunkel piece. This song is also marketed as a holiday tune, which is very subtle in the lyrics. It could easily pass off for a year-round song, like the Die Hard of holiday hits; however, lines such as, “summer’s gone, winter’s in your eyes,” sort of allude this tune towards the holiday season.

A Permanent Shadow does a lot to enhance the original Simple Minds tune, but doesn’t spar it in the process. This is a major accomplishment. It maintains that ballad feel, but somehow it becomes more emotional with the eerie feel that it wants to give off. Taking a cover song that is already phenomenal and pulling off something this original sounding with an emotion that is moving and intense, puts A Permanent Shadow's version of "See the Light" at the top of the list.

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About A Permanent Shadow

A Permanent Shadow is a project initiated by musician CP Fletcher. Fletcher recorded the album Songs of Loss with a rotating cast of musicians and producers in his hometown of Barcelona. The album, with lyrics that deal with different types of loss, contains eight original compositions as well as two covers, one by Lou Reed and the other by Simple Minds.

Initially a drummer, Fletcher stepped up to the microphone some years ago to form a Lou Reed tribute project called The Magic and Loss Orchestra. After a while, he decided to record his own songs under the guise, A Permanent Shadow, and teamed up with Albert Catalá, a classically trained pianist and synthesizer player.

Fletcher and Catalá form the core of the group, although contributions from producer Valentin Nieto were essential to the overall sound of the debut album which has already garnered rave reviews and healthy airplay all over the world.

For more information about A Permanent Shadow, please visit his website.

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