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Abijah -'Global Wilderness'

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

Abijah whose real name is Andrew Smith was born in Kingston Jamaica from a mother who was a Christian and a father who was a Rastafari and member of the Mystic Revelation Band. As a gifted Songwriter, performer and musician, Abijah went on to win The 2000 Caribbean Music Expo CME Award with his single "Revelation." He was the face of The Jamaica tourism board and The Jamaica Peace Ambassador tour where he spoke at prestigious Universities including: Oxford, Harvard and the university of the West Indies. His song cataglogue includes: "Where Is That Love", "Press On", and "Overcome feature Kevin Campbell." His May 2020 single "Global Wilderness", written by Ethan Johnson, is written like a Novel or Movie soundtrack, holding your attenting from start to finish.

The world needs love, and Abijah shares his powerful message of uniting the people in his reggae anthem “Global Wilderness.” Abijah’s smooth vocals, reggae tone beat, and slick guitar riffs open up the chorus. The chill rhythm section emphasizes silky harmonies in the warm background vocals. Global Wilderness is a song that shines with smooth reggae rhythms and heavenly vocals. The lyrics by Executive producer and songwriter, Ethan Johnson, and the arrangement by Producer, Andrew Smith, are sensational.

We live in a world that seems hugely divided, and in Abijah’s song “Global Wilderness,” he reminds us that we share the planet. Love, respect, and healing can unite the human race. We need to see the truth about each other instead of assuming and accepting the worse from one another. Like the song says:

“A Global Wilderness, whose ganna see you through where there's no one else, but you. United Nation don't have a plan, And pure deception in this religion yeah.”

Abijah is a determined artist with a bold lyrical delivery and pristine vocals. The smooth reggae rhythms and rich harmonies raise your spirit. Abijah is innovative and eloquent in his truth by being direct about the issues we face as people. "Global Wilderness" is funky and has a new age style, and the message about respecting and loving one another is insightful and uplifting.

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