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Abijah - "Global Wilderness"

Review by Daniel Deprè

“Global Wilderness” is truly a song for modern times. There is a sense of tragedy in the lyrics as Abijah sings about the deterioration of our beautiful earth and the relations we hold with one another. The atmosphere has a very organic sound that conjures up the feeling of being in nature. It is also incredibly peaceful, there is no aggression here. While the song is very relaxing, it harbors an important message for the entire world. We need to act soon to save the earth and ourselves.

Lyrically Abijah is heartbroken by the state of the world. He references how people have become more unsympathetic and withdrawn from one another. “Where have all the love gone, the hearts of man have gone cold”. Even before there was a pandemic, the modern man has been becoming increasingly more isolated. Abijah asks, “Who’s going to greet you when there is no one beside you?”. The lyrics take a bird’s eye view of the world, revealing the detrimental direction we are heading in. “No one is there, to tell the truth, you can’t even trust the news”. Humanity needs to wake up and change for the better if it isn’t already too late.

The song opens up naturally with a short acoustic guitar solo. The solo is very melodic and aptly sets up the vocal melody that follows. Both the solo and vocals are supported by a gently strummed acoustic guitar, bass guitar, shaker, and a synthesizer that comes in for the chorus. Background vocals are introduced after the first chorus and they deepen the connection this song has to our soul. “Global Wilderness” is a call for peace. Abijah’s writing is so full of love and passion, and he hopes to unite all of us together with his harmonious art.


About Abijah

Abijah whose real name is Andrew Smith was born in Kingston Jamaica to a mother who was a Christian and a father who was a Rastafari and member of the Mystic Revelation Band. As a gifted songwriter, performer, and musician, Abijah went on to win The Caribbean Music Expo CME Award in the year 2000 with his new Single "Revelation" He was the face of The Jamaica tourism board and The Jamaica Peace Ambassador tour that have him speak at several Universities including Oxford, Harvard and the University of the West Indies Among his songs are: "Where Is That Love, Press On and Overcome feature, Kevin Campbell. His May 2020 Released Single "Global Wilderness" written by Ethan Johnson is written like a Novel Movie soundtrack. You can find Abijah @abijah_music and homejudahmusic.com

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