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Abijah - 'Global Wilderness'

Review by Abby Kenna & Staff

“Global Wilderness” by Abijah is a mesmerizing song with a powerful message. Complete with a breezy track supporting lyrics intertwined with social significance, this song is an important listen.

“Global Wilderness” is full of ironic dualities, many parts contrasting and complimenting one another to drive the song’s message home. The track is relaxing and carefree, radiating relaxation and brightness. With crisp percussion and string-like synths creating the base of the arrangement, a lilting guitar takes the lead in the introduction of “Global Wilderness”, plucking a soothing melody.

Abijah’s voice embraces this sentiment at its core, his tone smoothly laced with a reassuring energy that contrasts, yet supports the urgency of the lyrics. Although this song explores tragedy and social catastrophes, it does so with the hope that embracing love could solve these issues.

“No one's there with a smile

Deceit and distance are in their eyes

No one is there to tell the truth

You cannot even trust the news…”

The vocal harmonies within “Global Wilderness” are a unique factor of intrigue in the song’s arrangement. They seem to respond to Abijah’s emotions, mirroring his dynamics to emphasize the lyrical message of each section. Gloriously lush, the choir of vocals twist and turn with a mind of their own, rising and falling with the ebb and flow of passion. As Abijah’s voice takes on a newfound hint of desperation within the chorus, the background vocals surge up in a wave of fervor, accentuating the significance of the lyrics:

“Whose ganna see you through

Where there's no one else but you

United Nation don't have a plan

And pure deception in this religion…”

Abijah’s passion for his message of love and respect for one another is tangible in “Global Wilderness”. He spreads this message not through forcefulness or aggression, but through compassion. “Global Wilderness” is urging and encouraging at the same time, inviting listeners to spread love for the sake of the world.


About Abijah Abijah whose real name is Andrew Smith was born in Kingston Jamaica to a mother who was a Christian and a father who was a Rastafari and member of the Mystic Revelation Band. As a gifted songwriter, performer, and musician, Abijah went on to win The Caribbean Music Expo CME Award in the year 2000 with his new Single "Revelation" He was the face of The Jamaica tourism board and The Jamaica Peace Ambassador tour that have him speak at several Universities including Oxford, Harvard and the University of the West Indies Among his songs are: "Where Is That Love, Press On and Overcome feature, Kevin Campbell. His May 2020 Released Single "Global Wilderness" written by Ethan Johnson is written like a Novel Movie soundtrack.

You can find Abijah @abijah_music and homejudahmusic.com Connect on Facebook


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