• Bryon Harris

Abraham - 'Stay With Me'

Abraham is an indie-pop-rock band fronted by Scott Abraham. The band combines thoughtful songwriting with polished musicianship and expressive vocals. Prior to pursuing a career as an artist himself, Abraham toured internationally in numerous configurations and has performed or opened for Taylor Swift, Willy Nelson, Better Than Ezra, Sister Hazel, and more. Most recently Abraham was a featured on Greyson Chance’s 2019 album release “Portraits.” After leaving a record deal that was holding him back, Abraham has emerged like a Phoenix with his single, "Stay With Me"

"Stay With Me" starts with a strong indie-rock vibe. An electric guitar picks out some broken chords. The mood feels sad and torn. Abraham sings about a man who is restless; he can't seem to find what he is searching for. One line in the song is particularly vivid:

"Chasing after runaways with brick shoes and lost in fantasy with everything to lose."

You can really feel the weight in those brick shoes, the struggle between commitment and freedom.

Abraham's voice has a chilling factor when he hits his upper range as he describes her request, "Stay with me." His vocals are very dynamic, with a very accessible tone, making him an excellent front-man. He's a very confident singer who knows his craft very well.

Musically, the song's arrangement is stellar. It moves to and from the sparse electric guitar picking to a full sound with a nice groove and interesting tension, putting the song in the indie-pop-rock genre. The arrangement is engaging from start to finish.

The ending of the song hits all the right marks as Abraham's falsetto vocals leave nothing to be desired. A jazzy piano appears out of the mix with a jam that perfectly depicts the inner chaos before the song returns to a mellow calm. The ending of the story is up in the air. You can decide. Does he stay? Does he leave her? Does he remain in limbo? My answer is that he stays. Why? Because any woman who can inspire such a great song is worth staying for. Whatever the answer, the song's lyrics will ring true for anyone who is torn between safety and risk, staying or letting go.

"Stay With Me" is one of those songs that seems to go by too fast, like a great book or movie, and you want to hear it again. The ending is up in the air which makes this thoughtful and intriguing song even better.

You can find more information about Abraham on their website.