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Agat - 'Falling'

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

Agat incorporates a mesmerizing blend of computerized analog, resounding bass, electronic motifs, and seductive vocals keeping her listeners hooked on every note. The release of her debut album, New Under the Sun (March 2020), following the success of three singles, has garnished interviews and articles with major magazines and networks. Agat has performed for “Keshet” TV under "Mako" news. Her latest single release was accompanied with a music video filmed and produced by Alon Daniel, Winner of “best music video” category in London “Gold Movie Award 2018". Hailing from Tel Aviv, Israel, Agat has established herself as an international preforming act. She was invited to play in the “Richmond International Film and Music Festival” in Virginia, one of the largest international film and music festivals in the Mid-Atlantic and will be performing in festivals throughout Europe this summer.

A great way to introduce yourself to Agat's color-outside-the-lines talent is to listen to her track, "Falling." “Falling” will undoubtedly make a memorable addition to your playlist through its unique and intricate production that you will want to revisit again and again.

Driven by a bouncy, distorted sub-bass, listeners become entranced as producers Nir Horovitz and Gal Oved really use the stereo image to its full potential as ambient effects and haunting motifs build upon the record throughout its entirety. With multiple layers of textures and vocals, a contagious grove resonatess at it's core.

All of this is starkly contrasted by the gentle lead melodies of Agat’s vocals and major harmonies which at times clash with a downward, chromatic motif that creates an appropriately pleasing dissonance. At times Agat's voice is a little like Lorde/Royals, but far more experimental.

Agat adds elements of trip hop and doesn't shy away from using her voice to it's full creative capacity. There's a moment when the music abruptly stops and Agat's voice rises to the sky and floats like an angel before the word "drop" is heard and the groove comes back full force. Creative moments like this keep your ears perked to the max and fully locked in.

"Falling" is an uplifting song about turning the corner. Agat explores letting go and achieving inner serenity.

"I think I might just be ok I think I'm finished let it in and let it out now I think I held my breath enough to let it go now."

“Falling” showcases Agat’s unbound creativity as an artist who is exciting to listen to, infectious and unique. It's rare that a new artist comes along who breaks the mold and shatters it. Agat is one of those artists. Creating a musical paradigm shift, she has managed to do what very, very few artists can do - she has created her own genre with a sound that is so unique, it leaves you feeling like you have just heard the next big thing because you've never heard anything like it before. Bravo.

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