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AJ Mamba - "Black People"

By Regan March & Staff

With his first professional EP on the way, being signed to Estabrook Road Records, and having experience in theater studies, AJ Mamba is definitely an artist to keep an ear on. AJ Mamba has been making music since 2010 and began gaining momentum in 2017 through professional recordings. His song, “Black People”, was released in light of the traumatic events that have caused so much insecurity and uneasiness in 2020 and contains a powerful message.

The juxtaposition of a jazzy instrumental arrangement over a steady hip-hop beat is reminiscent of the earlier days of hip-hop when the use of jazz samples was the more prominent style of production. Rich stand-up bass lays down the groove while the enchanting sound of bright guitar adds harmony and soulful depth to the arrangement. The chorus intro is a great touch and eases the listener into the storyline. The sound is immediately moving and soulful.

AJ Mamba raps passionately throughout the song allowing his message to be heard at its greatest potential. Through lines such as ,Treated like I wasn’t born here, like I’m an immigrant, sick of all the bullshit… explains the times society is going through right now. Throughout the song, AJ breaks down stereotypes creating an open dialogue. It is evident that AJ Mamba intends on making a difference with his music and the intent is being successfully achieved through his passion and lyricism in this song.

“Black People” gives listeners a great first impression of AJ Mamba’s music, as his first EP is planned to be released January 2021 with even more. His talent and professional sound captivates listeners and puts him well above par with a new and fresh sound. His meaningful music will grant a source of solidarity to his listeners who might feel similarly to him. AJ Mamba’s "Black People" deserves a worthwhile listen and a spot on your playlist as his discography continues to grow.


About AJ Mamba

AJ Mamba is an hip-hop lyricist, content creator, wrestling personality and actor based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has a Bachelor's in Theater Studies from Montclair State University. He is currently signed to Estabrook Road Records, with his 1st EP under the label scheduled for release late January 2021.

AJ Mamba has been creating hip-hop music since 2010, but only started gaining momentum in 2017, when he started going to Rotation Records to have his music produced professionally. Regardless, AJ kept quiet on his musical exploits until 2020, releasing music for the first time, publicly. He is now looking at 2021 to be a year where he releases a huge backlog of music under his record label.

As an actor, AJ Mamba has performed in over 300 productions, mostly in theater under the stage name AJ Dwayne. AJ Mamba is also the co-owner of Loud Stone Entertainment, a web-based entertainment company that produces podcasts, as well as video game, wrestling & anime related content on YouTube primarily.


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