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Alisonus - 'My Inspiration'

Written by Ionas Finser & Staff

Alisonus release “My Inspiration” was distributed by G.I. Records LLC and release on January 24th 2020, the single was featured on the USTOP20 countdown show hosted by Al Wiser. Alisonus motivation for the song was,”Just be strong and keep doing what your dreams tell you.”

A luscious brass section kicks off Alisonus’ “My Inspiration” with passion. The brass is followed closely by a smooth drum beat and piano. Alisonus’ voice enters confidently, using Ke$ha-worthy effects to her advantage in order to create catchy, smooth melodic phrases.

The mood of the song is refreshingly joyful and full of a sense of gratitude, featuring a myriad of flourishing brass swells and vocal embellishments.

Lyrically, Alisonus rejoices the feeling of having someone in life who loves you and fuels your inspiration. The passion and magic in this idea is realized perfectly in “My Inspiration”, where musical instruments come to life and support Alisonus’ leading melodic lines.

“You’re the breeze touching my face You are the sun with a warm embrace I feel your touches when I close my eyes And a true love that never dies”

If you are looking for a song that will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, you’ve come to the right place. Alisonus creates a sound that all can enjoy, and a picture of love that all can relate to. Songs that encourage positive emotions will always win the day, and remind us of the beauty life has to offer.

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About Alisonus

Alison Evans is professionally known as singer and song-writer Alisonus from Clydach, Swansea United Kingdom. Alisonus is part of a multi-talented Reggae Rock and Reggae Fusion trio called Maiden Voyage. The multi-talented group members are Rebai Uhuru from Ghana, Mistacii from Guyana (Former member) and Alisonus.

In 2019 Maiden Voyage signed a distribution deal with Indie label G.I. Records LLC out of Indianapolis Indiana and release several projects along with several music videos. In late 2019, Alisonus decided to embark on a solo career and signed a deal with G.I. Records LLC to begin her solo musical journey.

Alisonus, has written, recorded and release several Reggae Fusion and Reggae Dance Hall projects, namely, "You Uplift Me", "Let Me Fly", "Chat, Chat", "Never Wanna Say Goodbye", and her latest release, "My Inspiration."

Alisonus music is creating waves all major digital platforms, especially on Spotify with “You Uplift Me” streaming over 26,320 and “My Inspiration” streaming 1,861 with 328 followers.

Alisonus is currently working on her sixth music project entitled “Where I Belong” and that will be recorded in the current genre that she is known to excel in, which is Reggae Fusion, Reggae Dance Hall.

Alisonus inspiration came from her parents (now deceased) and her sister, who is also a former member of a Rock band. Alisonus mentors and idols are Celine Dion, Abba, Bob Marley, Judy Mowatt, Rita Marley.


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