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Almost An Artist - Voodoo

Almost An Artist, aka Julian Cassia is a film composer, independent recording artist and a multi-instrumentalist. His diverse and dense instrumental abilities include guitar, drums, percussion, keyboards, clarinet and the GuitarViol (a one-of-a-kind hybrid that closely resembles a violin in timbre). His sound mixes electronic and organic instruments and crosses over indie-rock, country, pop, and more.  As a film composer, Julian has worked on several award-winning films: "The Traveler" (2016) and "Man with Van" (2017). Julian  holds a dual degree from the Berklee College of Music in Music Synthesis and Film Scoring, as well as a Master's in Composition from NYU. 

Almost An Artist's song "Voodoo" is one of the songs on BWH Music Group's 'Keepin' It Country, Vol. One.' The compilation album features 17 songs by emerging independent artists in contermporary country music.

"Voodoo" starts with an upbeat and exciting track that swings with swampiness. It's a bit hard to fathom that one person, Almost An Artist, can concoct such a full track on his own - its sounds like a full country band and you'll feel like you have a front seat at a country music festival. Almost an Artist shows off his vocal versatility as well as he nails the country vibe. Harmonies and background vocals are perfectly placed for extra pizzaz. Lead guitar work slips and slides up the neck of the instrument like voodoo magic.

"Voodoo" is about a hexing woman who has cast a love spell. The music captures the intoxicating captivation by never letting up on the intense energy which drives the song forward like the desire she creates.

Almost An Artist's "Voodoo" is both energetic and enchanting casting a high voltage country music spell - the real magic is Almost An Artist's creative genius.


For more information on Almost An Artist, please visit his artist profile page on BWH Music Group. There you will find links to Almost An Aritist's website, social media, videos and more.

For more information on 'Keepin' It Country, Vol. One' by Various Artists, please visit the album release page.

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