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Almost July - 'Alone'

Review by Daniel Deprè & Staff

“Alone” is a song that misses the days before a global pandemic struck the world but simultaneously celebrates those good times. It is instantly catchy and is a guaranteed foot tapper. A snappy guitar riff fades in over a grooving bass that quickly blasts off with synth pop flare when the drums drop in. The drums combined with the bass are very thick and punchy creating a fun and heavy foundation for the feel-good vibe of the song.

The production from singer Skip Glogan really makes this song intriguing and unique. There is lots of variety in the vocals which helps create a distinct sound for each section. In the verses he makes his voice sound a bit smaller and electronic which he then pleasantly contrasts in the chorus with vocal harmonies and a fuller sound. The introduction of a vocal sample-based synth that enters after each chorus really helps this song further lift off with a catchy and tastefully glitchy hook. The variety in the vocal production continues with the bridge where the vocal effect bears resemblance to a saxophone solo, with an electronic twist.

The Lyrics in “Alone” are evocative of when we all were young and endless dreamers. However, it is also taking you back in time to before the Covid-19 pandemic began. The title is playing off of both of these themes as many of us are alone due to social distancing, while the lyrics celebrate how amazing it feels to be alone with someone who you are deeply infatuated with. “The way you look is like a dream, like we’re back to seventeen, yeah I like the way it feels when we’re alone”.

“Alone” is a song that is both freeing and fun, boosted by its excellent mix and creative production.

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About Almost July

New York-based band Almost July is the creation of Skip Glogan, who writes, produces and arranges all of their ambient, alt-pop songs. Their pre-pandemic live show had Skip playing keys and fronting the band with a combination of live instruments, samples, and electronics created and looped on the fly. The duo is completed by New York mainstay Derek Broomhead on drums and drum pads.

Almost July made their mark at iconic NYC venues Rockwood Music Hall and Mercury Lounge before sitting at home alone making music for locked down listeners. They have been avoiding total insanity by collaborating over zoom and live streaming from Skip's home studio. The result is their new single, "alone" which attempts to lean into the good, bad, and honest aspects of getting to know yourself and your loved ones in this stay-at-home era.


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