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Almost July - even if it’s wrong

Reviewed by April Marks

Skip Glogan and Derek Broomhead represent the ever-expanding indie electronic scene in the COVID age of New York. The duo has seen hardships that all of us musicians have faced in these times: being stuck in our houses, having to navigate virtual sessions, trying to write music that reflects everyday life without sounding tone-deaf to the social and physical climates around us. But Almost July found that through pressure comes a diamond and took the challenge, building their fanbase in a changing city environment. even if it’s wrong is quite the surprise to me in the colder months, but a welcome one, to be sure. While our New York friends are cozying up with darker tracks such as Fake Dad’s recent I Like The Beach, Almost July is serving up summer flings as we approach a chilly New Year.

Intertwined with flute samples and sugar-sweet beats, Almost July laments over love lost while trying to regain their strength to continue. The first verse speaks for itself as a Gen-Z anthem to pining over what could’ve been and becomes increasingly longing as it swoops into the chorus.

“What if this is meant to be

Even if it’s wrong for me

Don’t want to break it off

Don’t want to lose it all”

A second A and B section later, we find ourselves at a bridge breakdown filled with atmospheric pads and dreamy flourishes. By the exploding ending chorus, you’ll be dancing in your seat until the drums tastefully fade to a finish.

Though the song is predictable in form and trajectory, the foolproof summer banger is a formula that never fails to deliver. Why fix something if it isn’t broken? Almost July agrees with the sentiment. The single feels as if it could’ve been written ten years ago or yesterday. It’s a timeless representation of young romance soon to be forgotten as a warm-weather dream, leaving you wondering if it ever happened to begin with. And who doesn’t need some warm memories near the holidays? Keep blasting that heat, you two.


About Almost July

New York-based Almost July is the creation of Skip Glogan and Derek Broomhead. They write, produce, and arrange all of their ambient, alt-pop songs. The duo made their mark at iconic NYC venues Rockwood Music Hall and Mercury Lounge, spending 2020 and part of this year at home alone, making music for locked-down listeners. They avoided total insanity by collaborating over zoom and live streaming from their home studios. Skip and Derek are excited to be recording and performing together again this year! Their next single, “even if it’s wrong,” is out on all platforms, and their upcoming live shows in NYC and Nashville promise new songs, new antics, and new visuals.

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