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Amber Snider - 'How You Love'

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

"How You Love" from the album Ride the Wave is an intimate, moving folk ballad by Amber Snider. She opens the song with the warm timbre of an acoustic guitar and an inviting vocal entrance. The arrangement is clean, with a simple acoustic guitar folk groove and a heartfelt vocal melody.

As the chorus progresses, the bridge subtly comes in with a soft build. Amber's performance resonates intensely, as she sings with so much love and compassion. "How You Love" is well balanced emphasizing Amber's gorgeous, raspy voice where character and expression are found in the song's nooks and crannies, yielding authenticity.

The inspiration for "How You Love" is about a person Amber knows who has been through a lot in life and still has a loving heart. The amount of love this person gives is inspiring after experiencing so much pain. The song tells a story about a mother's loss of her child. Although the details are not given, it is easy to feel how her spirit and heart, although broken, is still strong after everything she has gone through. Amber's performance is melancholy, as you can experience her throughtful, somber tone.

The song tells the story of a mother's loss as Amber sings:

"Oh, how you love, how you love. When you lost your daughter, you lost a piece of your heart. You were just a child, barely had a start. Still, regret can eat a person alive at their soul. You'll try everything you can to fill the hole. Oh, how you love, how you love."

Amber Snider is an incredible and passionate artist and songwriter who captivates. "How You Love" has open spaces that Amber fills with story and emotion. The message is mournful, yet hopeful. Amber's performance is raw and dynamic - her soulful vocals carry the song and draw you in while her expressive guitar style flows forward. Amber's track is sparse and expressive while her emotional performance and message makes a huge impact.

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About Amber Snider

Amber Snider is an award winning singer-songwriter with several albums, EPs, singles and music videos released to date.

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area in a musical family, Amber started playing music when she was 4 and writing songs when she was 12.

She primarily plays guitar, piano and harmonica but also enjoys playing the banjo, mandolin, accordion, lap steel guitar, ukulele and more. Her unique brand of universal folk-rock, country & blues can be summed up in just one word: "Ambericana".


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