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Anders Holst – ‘Endlessly’

Review by Matt Wong & Staff

“Endlessly” begins with a piano taking the lead on the intro, supported by light drums, and guitar swells and fills played with an 80s sound that is surprising, but fits the song well. The bass joins to lock in with the kick drum for a walk up to the first verse, before the arrangement scales back to just piano to give the first verse a more intimate vibe, and put more focus on Holst’s vocals.

The full band returns gradually building towards the chorus. Holst' leads listeners through intriguing vocal passages bolstered by enticing jazz harmonies in the arrangement as well as spacious background vocals.

The chorus makes an impact, but is not overdone making for memorable, easy listening that you will want to come back to again and again. The piano and guitar take turns sprinkling melodic nuggets in between vocal phrases, against a soulful groove. Following another verse, listeners are presented with a fiery piano solo, and the song wraps up with an extended chorus.

The lyrics in “Endlessly” are inspired by an imaginary road trip through Europe. As listeners listen to the lyrics, they will be able to place themselves in Stockholm, and experience the “sweetness of the summer” as well as the “scent that fills the air” in Amsterdam. Most magical of all, the lyrics describe the lights that illuminate Paris.

“Endlessly” by Anders Holst is an impressive piece of music. The melody is engaging and memorable, and the groove is tight and moving. Holst’s sweet vocals will draw listeners in as he delivers the song’s well written lyrics, and the arrangement effectively guides them through the song. This is a song for those who enjoy good melodies and strong grooves.

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About Anders Holst & Staff

Swedish born, NYC based singer/songwriter Anders Holst Music brings his sensually romantic vibes and poetic juice back to Smooth Jazz with his inspiring new album ENDLESSLY. While elegantly produced by Grammy Award winner Gordon Chambers, and music director Shedrick Mitchell, Holst muses on various aspects of love via inviting originals and spirited re-imaginings of Kem’s “Heaven”, a delicious duet with Sy Smith in George Michael’s Cowboys and Angels, as well as paying homage to Stevie Wonder in an intimate string laden rendition of All I Do.


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