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Andrea Plamondon - 'Ave Maria'

Review by: Anthony Nguyen & Staff

Stunning in it’s ability to access the deepest parts of the human experience “Ave Maria” by Andrea Plamondon is an excellent production from start to finish. The strings are very warm, and hold down the harmonic content. The harp is excellently performed and adds nice lines here and there to maintain interest. Likewise the horns come in as needed to make sure there is never a stale moment, but never overstay their welcome. All of these fantastic instruments really serve to accentuate the absolutely gorgeous vocals. A breathtaking combination of technical excellence as well as the ability to evoke such cathartic emotion makes this performance a standout achievement. Although Latin may not be understood by audiences everywhere, the emotion will always come through.

The arrangement by Charlie Barnett is superb. Deceivably simplistic in its design, it more than performs its job of making sure the song is interesting throughout and that the vocals and message is never lost. The song makes full use of the entrancing vocals to keep the pace moving along. The horn adds some nice flair, as it is never in for too long whenever it makes an appearance it is a nice change of pace. Overall the transitions flow into each other seamlessly and make for a pleasant listening experience.

The inspiration for the song comes from a sacred prayer to the Virgin Mary. Ave Maria is in fact Latin for Hail Mary. The lyrics really do a fantastic job illustrating this point. “Et benedictus Fructus ventris tui Jesus Sancta Maria Ave Maria Mater Dei Ora pronobis” in Latin translates to, “And Blessed is the fruitof thy Womb Jesus, Mary Mother of God, pray for us.” Haunting and beautiful at the same time the song is unapologetic in its heavy content. With a top notch arrangement and simply amazing vocals this rendition of “Ave Maria” by Andrea Plamondon is a fantastic song.

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About Andrea Plamondon

An operatically trained genre bender whose work has been described as "diverse, atmospheric, and compelling”, AndreaPlamondon has fronted bands of many persuasions, and played leading roles in theatrical productions on the east and west coasts. Her songs and collaborations have received positive reviews and various awards, and have aired on internet and FM stations around the globe, including Hard Rock cafes from Mumbai to New Delhi.

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