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Andy Lugo - 'Stay'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Stay” is an infectious song from the opening notes. Each section presents is own catchy hook. Indie-pop sensibilities are all over this track, while quality production and intricate details push it over the top. The entire song expands upon a harmonic theme established at the beginning, providing a structure over which Lugo’s expressive vocals can shine. Listeners will love the impressive amount of ground that Lugo is able to cover without ever abandoning the song’s roots.

Lyrically, “Stay” explores themes of longing and dependence. “You hold me down I know, But I keep coming back for more, And I don't know what I'm gunna do. The dynamic vocal delivery puts these lyrics into highly relatable perspective. “Stay (I already miss you) Stay (I already miss you).” The repetition in the chorus is extremely effective and drives the message home.

The arrangement of “Stay” will have you dancing and singing along. The addition and subtraction of musical elements creates an emotional ride that will enthrall listeners from start to finish. The omnipresent guitar theme is supported by energetic drums and bass. A stripped-down verse builds perfectly back into the ultra-catchy chorus. Back-up vocals and electronic drums add dimension while the vocal take continually evolves in Lugo’s showcase performance. “Stay” will definitely have you singing along!

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About Andy Lugo

Andy Lugo has hit the scene running with his fresh upbeat style of pop and rock with just a dash of hip hop here and there. Andy found his love for music at an early age when he first bought the Marshal Mathers, LP. His dad heard the record, then immediately crushed the CD with his bare hands, but that did not stop Andy.

Soon thereafter, Andy picked up the guitar and began studying the greats like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chili Peppers and more. He fell in love with songs that told stories and songs that made him feel happy, and since Andy himself is a generally happy, upbeat guy, he decided to make his music reflects that.


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