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Cynthia Basinet - 'Y​​ou Belong to Me'

Updated: Sep 17

Review by Patrick Joseph

“You Belong to Me” is an incredibly engaging song. This classic piece of songwriting is given fresh breath by a conscientious and highly emotive vocalist, Cynthia Basinet. Basinet delivers a soothing yet provocative performance. Listeners are certain to experience genuine emotion while hearing this song.

The band coasts in an easy fashion while Basinet is alternatively mournful and playful, allowing the music to remain airy without losing its impact. This one

definitely packs a punch.

“You Belong to Me” tells the timeless tale of distant love.

“Fly the ocean in a silver plane, see the jungle when its wet with rain, just remember till you’re home again, you belong to me.”

Basinet is effortless and stylized in her approach. She brings these lyrics into the modern era with her charismatic performance. Her performance is subtle, yet intense.

“I’d be so alone without you, Maybe you’d be lonesome too.”

Every performance is well done on this song. Basinet works in perfect harmony with her band. Vocal doubling and chorus back ups add ornamental flourishes to this song without tripping over the lead vocal. Pedal steel, piano, and electric guitar provide perfect fills while the bass and drums keep the track rock solid. Somehow this song is extremely dense while remaining wide open.

Listeners will be reminded of classic Patsy Cline, yet be offered something new by this wonderful artist. “You Belong to Me” is an exciting take on a classic song and Basinet is timeless in her own right.


About Cynthia Basinet

Cynthia Basinet (who is often called “C” by her friends) has had an exciting and successful career in entertainment. She is just getting started. Cynthia Basinet is an exquisite and glamorous singer with a highly expressive voice and a real feel for American standards.

Cynthia’s natural musical abilities, resulted in her making her first recordings including the sultry now iconic version, “Santa Baby” (often credited to be Marilyn Monroe) in 1997. Two years later she founded the Welcome To Dreamsville label. Very concerned about social issues, Cynthia’s strong desire to help people joined Senator Kennedy’s investigative mission to the Sahara Dessert. Subsequently in May 2001, she accompanied this bipartisan mission along with international NGOs performed for refugees in the Western Sahara, successfully helping to bring the world’s attention to the dire situation. She has continued working on humanitarian efforts up to the present time, using her music to help make the public aware about very serious situations including the environment, women’s rights and the importance of self-reliance. Due to her efforts, in 2005 she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize as part of the 1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize project. She has spoken before United Nations Security Council over 15 years.

Musically, Cynthia Basinet has released “The Collection”, which contains a decade of the songs for Welcome to Dreamsville Records. The critically acclaimed CD is as ecclectic as Cynthia. Her “Uncovered” EP is a trilogy that is comprised of her spirited and sultry versions of “Blue Moon,” “Going Out Of My Head” and “Sweet Dreams.” And she recorded her very personal version of the Julie London hit “Cry Me A River” with more standards, she released her critically acclaimed, “The Standard” (2012).

Cynthia released her award winning ballad, “Eventually” (2014) (Gold Medal Winner in WNIR radio best adult contemporary) and a remix of John Legend’s “All Of Me” (2015).

She has subsequently moved to Nashville which has allowed her time for political activism, record, publish her first book, “How To Be Civil In An Uncivil World” and accompanying podcast, “The World According To Cynthia.”

A true visionary her style and social influence has continued for decades and she is considered “one of the truly great voices of our time.”

For more information on Cynthia Basinet visit her website


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