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Andy Michaels – ‘Darling it Hurts’

Andy Michaels is an adult contemporary and pop singer-songwriter. Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, Andy Michaels delivers a fusion of eclectic influences with keen melodic sensibilities to create his own unique and memorable style. After suffering an incapacitating car accident in his later teens, Andy picked up a guitar and from within a spark ignited. Since then he has written over 120 unique songs that mesmerize and captivate listeners around the globe. Aside from the melodic and impactful music, this ground-breaking Australian artist delivers powerful, insightful, and thought-provoking lyrics.

“Darling it Hurts” is a single off Michaels’ album Incendiary Heart. The song starts with layers of synth textures before transitioning into an intro with ukulele and violin, creating a beach vibe that nicely sets up the song for the first verse. The arrangement moves the song forward in the second verse with the kick, snare, and bass joining, solidifying and giving the song its pop groove. The first chorus of a double chorus features a duet between Michaels and Tiarna Madison and begins with a scaled-back arrangement of ukulele and kick which accentuates the stellar vocals. The duet continues in the second chorus, but the full arrangement returns with a driving bassline which makes the chorus bloom and come to life.

The song’s lyrics tell the story of a love triangle gone wrong and explores day to day human frailties. They hook the listener’s attention and set the song apart from other pop songs by telling a meaningful story, making the listener want to pay attention to every word.

“Darling it Hurts” by Andy Michaels is a well written, arranged, and produced song. Michaels and Madison are vocal powerhouses, and this single set a high bar in pop music in both performance and songwriting.



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