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Andy Michaels - Planet 8

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

Music can influence, and even change, people, movements, and society. Sharing songs about peace and social justice ultimately reminds the world of the importance of fairness, love and unity. Andy Michaels' song "Planet 8" is one of the amazing songs that will be featured on World National Indie Radio's 'Songs For Change' radio special during the month of November.

Andy Michaels’s electronic folk song “Planet 8,” featuring the brilliant Sharon Court from his album Incendiary Heart , is an explosive alternative rock song. An electric beat and compressed drums introduce the groove as Sharon’s wistful vocals sing the melody. The song has a Sting and Phil Collins vibe that fans of pop-rock will love.

Andy Michaels creatively and seamlessly combines folk, electronic, and rock genres in “Planet 8.” The slowly progressing backbeat leads to the chorus that hits you with warm, radio-ready vocals. The drumbeat and electric guitar riffs are tight and intense.

As the song continues to progress, creating an ethereal sound in the chorus as the choir sings in the background."Planet 8" is psychedelic and off the beaten path presenting unique instrumentation using machine and electronic sounds. There's so much to listen to and understand in this thoughtful and engaging arrangement.

The song is about the destruction of planet earth and finding a new home, the 8th planet, because humans have created external and internal chaos to the Earth and to themselves. Michaels describes the human race as a weed, which continues to grow and cause damage.

“Once there was a planet earth, with seven seas and sparking surf. Everything lived in harmony. Then came the growth of this human weed.”

Andy Michaels is an extraordinary artist who gives listeners the "wow" factor. He has a unique style created by robust and eclectic instrumentation. “Planet 8” depicts the damage we have caused on this Earth, our home, and Michaels empowering and in-depth message, delivered by a riveting arrangement and vocal performance, is a call for change.

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About Andy Michaels

AndyMichaels is well known for his wonderful journey from surviving an incapacitating car accident to that of an internationally recognized contemporary/pop songwriter. He belongs to Perth, Western Australia, and has released several mesmerizing music albums in the last few years. Each has a deep sense of melody with poignant lyrics that has helped him to be at the forefront of multiple genres in the music industry worldwide.

Andy went through a critical time after suffering from a serious car accident when he was just in his teenage years. This life threatening experience motivated him to pick up a guitar which ignited a musical spark deep inside his heart. Since then, he has written, recorded and released more than 100 songs, which have received universal critical acclaim and obtained a huge response from listeners around the globe.

People admire him not just for his melodic compilations; rather, for delivering insightful, powerful, and thought-provoking lyrics. With his music constantly being played all around the world in over 70 countries, he has delivered amazing performances around Australia as well as in Asia, including China. Described as a once in a generation Artist, listeners say that Michaels is one of those rare musical Artists that touch their soul and heart directly with his deep lyrics and haunting melodies


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