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Angelica Cassidy – ‘I Won’t Go Back’

Review by Matt Wong & Staff

“I Won’t Go Back” is a country song by Angelica Cassidy. The song begins with a brief four bar intro consisting of piano, baritone guitar, slide guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, and drums. Building on the song’s laid back feel, Cassidy’s mesmerizing vocals enter with the first verse, and immediately capture the listener’s attention.

Light, tasty fills played by the guitars (now including electric guitars), and piano weave in and out throughout the first verse and chorus, nicely complementing Cassidy’s engaging vocals. The groove intensifies slightly with the second verse, and well executed background vocals join the instrumentation. A beautiful slide guitar solo following the second chorus provides instrumental ear candy. The band brings the song into its final chorus with three subtle rhythmic hits and a walk down, and the song ends with one last piano fill.

The heart of the song is found in the poignant lyrics which talk about never returning to abuse. Cassidy sings about abandonment, treachery, and deceit with lyrics such as “All I feel is sadness, and the pain of yesterday.” However, she then proceeds to sing that “It’s time for me to love myself, and find the strength to go on.” With “I Won’t Go Back,” Cassidy wants to bring strength to survivors so that they never feel alone.

"Please don't ever try to find me / What we had is surely gone / Now it's time for me to love myself / And find the strength to go on."

“I Won’t Go Back” is another well crafted and well performed song by Cassidy who has proven she can deliver substantial material. Delivered with Cassidy’s strong vocal chops, the song’s message will inspire many listeners. Cassidy is clearly a talented songwriter, and her vocal abilities showcase her unique style within country music. Shout out to the musicians who contributed to this fantastic performance featuring: Ian Paul Cassidy (Drums); Bob Chitwood (Guitar/Co-Writer); Nathan Hemmens (Bass, Producer); Steve Valenzuela (Mix & Master); Hemmens Bros Studios (Facility) .


About Angelica Cassidy

Angelica Cassidy was born in Woodland Hills, California, and raised in Minnesota. She was a child actress, working in film, television, commercials and theater. She spent most of her high school years mastering musical theater and classical vocal training. On the music side, she is an accomplished writer and producer working in the country, rock, pop, R&B, soul, and hip hop genres.

Her first single release was in 2013 with a song entitled “Lullaby” an upbeat melodic pop song, with a catchy hook and funky bass line. Between June and October of 2016, she independently wrote and produced five singles, and wrote/directed three music videos, in her "Heal the World" series. Her first single, “That Light” was released June of 2016 and showcases her writing and multi genre artistic skills with an upbeat pop/hip-hop flavor. She followed that up with “Heal The World”, the title track to the EP. The song was released July of 2016 and it was a pop anthem for lets “heal the world” together. The video for “Heal The World” included 30 of Angelica’s “super” fans. Three more singles would be produced in 2016 completing the EP, all in the pop genre.

In late 2017 through mid 2018, Angelica starting working on a new EP entitled “Rollercoaster”, a collection of pop, bluesy, rock and country tunes in support of her self-written, self-produced, and self-directed television series, also entitled "Rollercoaster”. She stars in this quirky, music filled comedy, with her now husband, actor Ian Paul Cassidy, known for his role as “Cracker Bob” in the film “Highlander: Endgame.”

Angelica recently signed a management agreement with Creative Music Agency and released a new single and music video on September 3rd, 2019, entitled “Ask My Daddy”. A well written, catchy country tune that talks about a woman asking her husband-to-be to get her fathers blessing for their marriage. The single is on all major platforms, and it has already been picked up by BWH Music Group, and is featured on their country compilation album entitled “Keepin’ It Country 2019”, which released August 26th, 2019, on all major platforms.

On November 19th, 2019, Angelica released another single, titled “I Won’t Go Back”. She released the song on all platforms, as well as a music video on YouTube, that was created to bring awareness to domestic violence and abuse. The music video features scenes from her self-produced Pilot that’s based on her life, and the abuse she encountered. This is not the first socially powered song that Angelica has released, and she plans to release another one early 2020, called “Ladylike” that will bring awareness to the #metoo movement and sexual abuse and rape victims.

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