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Anker "Alone in the Dark"

Reviewed by Aaron Cloutier

A swelling of what sounds like a bass synthesizer (If that’s even a thing. Don’t quote me on that.) sets the tone as I traverse into the world that is “Alone In The Dark” by Anker. A song that touches on themes of loss and isolation at the hands of the covid-19 pandemic packaged in a catchy, danceable, and surprisingly upbeat sounding pop tune with an indie vibe.

Amidst the 80’s inspired synths, understated guitar lines, and thunderous percussion, “Alone In The Dark” has a distinct sonic quality that is hard to pin down to any genre. The drum-kit sound is nice and big with a crisp snare nicely compressed and a punchy kick drum that thumps your chest that otherwise would suggest that all signs point to hard Rock. The vocals, however, take a different approach as they are more reminiscent of a band like Urge Overkill and are a bit more buried in the mix, which gives each of the instruments equal space and allows them to play nicely together. A refreshing alternative to having the vocals be front and center like most pop productions today. The vocal delivery is earnest and unassuming and despite the upbeat vibe of the music, the lyrical content channels shared feelings of loss and persevering through profound challenges as conveyed in lyrics such as

"Is the top of this tree the only way out, how should I handle a fall

Higher & higher I wanna climb but all I can do is crawl”

“The stars & sky tell us what we already know

I’m not gonna think of what I had years ago

I don’t wanna keep getting hit so hard

I don’t wanna be alone in the dark”

It’s a powerful statement of reflection on an unprecedented time in our history. A message that undoubtedly will resonate with many and hopefully provide some sense of comfort.


About Anker

Anker's music exists in 2 creative worlds. Anker is a solo acoustic rock act in the live setting. In the studio, he creates full-band music that spreads across labels such as Americana or modern rock. In order to get both right, he rehearses regularly for his 2 biggest critics, rescued pitties Harrison & Karmella. Their canine instincts always point to a great song.

Anker has been an opening act for Vinny Martell (Vanilla Fudge), Richard Barone (The Bongos) & also opened for a "Words & Music" evening with Darryl McDaniels (RUN-D.M.C.). Anker has what it takes to entertain a diverse audience & be a fine representation of indie-charm.

Find more on Anker's website: https://www.ankermusic.com/





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