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Anker - 'Desert Sky'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Desert Sky” has that indie-shimmer that gives the song a feeling of gravity and sincerity. The overall energy of this track is intoxicating. Somehow there is a simultaneous feeling of constant forward momentum and also a suspension in time.

The airy sound of the guitars combine with piano phrases to create a hypnotic sound. The rhythm track stays in the pocket throughout the song and allows the lyrics and melodies to shine. The song features a guitar bridge and ending, which pairs nicely with the vocal verses and choruses.

Lyrically, “Desert Sky” is a love poem. “Like rain in the desert sky-you found me.” These lyrics combine with the driving, rhythmic nature of the song to create a feeling of dedication and perseverance. “Have some faith and we can stand, trace our lives in the sand.” These lyrics play with the idea of the eternal enveloping the temporal nature of life. The songwriter makes a powerful statement of lasting love here.

“Desert Sky” is, simply put, a well written song. Listeners will love the subtle way that the melody builds to a climax during choruses, creating a tension that resolves perfectly back into verses. Complex harmony vocals and the “ghost like” female back-up vocal give the song another dimension, like an entity within the mind of the storyteller. The vocal melody on this track sneaks up on you and has you singing along by the end. “Desert Sky” is layered, and unique, a great song!

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About Anker

By night, Anker appears in the form of a working musician. However, by day, he works at the VA for a homeless veterans program. In the live setting Anker is a solo acoustic rock act. He is a mainstay on the NJ music scene & has performed over 100 gigs per year in pre-Covid times. He's a regular at wineries, breweries & opens for smaller acts in smaller venues. In the studio, Anker is a small team of multi-instrumentalists creating guitar based pop rock. When his 2 rescued Pitties aren’t needing a walk, he has expanded his hosting duties with New Jersey’s longest running open mic from the cozy atmosphere of Grover’s Mill Coffee House (West Windsor, NJ) to a weekly nationwide Zoom gathering. Anker has also performed for Princeton, NJ’s “Bayard Rustin Center for Justice” where he has shared programming with John Easdale of Dramarama & Senator Al Franken.


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