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Anker - 'Dust'

Written by Brandon Watts & Staff

Anker is an acoustic rock singer and songwriter rooted in Americana. He is the recipient of an Akademia music award for "Best Americana CD." Anker is also a three-time nominee for the New Jersey Acoustic Music Awards. Noted for his live performances, Anker brings positive energy to the stage. Comparisons to other artists have included Eddie Vedder, Tom Petty, Paul Thorn & Bruce Springsteen. His single "Dust" is a great way to get to know his appeal.

"Dust" by Anker commences with flourishes of guitar arpeggios and riffs. The guitar sound is bright and clear. A simple bass line and light percussion join in while the guitar starts strumming gently. Anker enters singing, "I cried a tear, it’s never good / It never works out like you wish it would." Anker's voice is intimate and inviting.

Soon the song blossoms with a nice laid-back rock drumbeat and melodic electric guitar motifs. The placement of higher range vocal harmonies by Lyz King sound great against Anker's sweet tenor tone. Later in the song, Lyz adds background vocals that add soul to the flavor. Rolling and rocking keys give the song an uplifting, nostalgic vibe.

The musicians are Anker (songwriter, lead vox, rhythm guitar, mixing), Dr. Louis DeLise (producer, arranger, keys, bass, percussion programming, and mixing). Allan Slutsky (lead guitar), and Lyz King (background vox). Dust Alan Douches mastered the song. Together, the collaborators create a great soundtrack for the song's encouraging message,

"Dust" is a song about resiliency, letting go and moving forward. The lyrics explore what we choose to turn away from. It almost give the image of blowing your troubles away. At the end of each verse, the phrase "It shouldn’t be too big a fuss - It shouldn’t take too much to turn into dust. / Do what you can, do what you must – It shouldn’t take too much to turn into dust." The song is easy to relate to with universal lyrics about turning over a new leaf and moving forward.

"Change your name, fix your guts / Standing still don’t get you nothing but rust / Get it down, bring it up / Turn away because enough is enough."

In "Dust" Anker puts words of wisdom to music that we can all use and relate to. Sometimes, things don't work out the way we had hoped, but we can move forward. With strong melodies, a soft-rock vibe, and Anker's smooth vocals, you will find yourself blowing off the dust of disappointments while embracing the present which offers great music by a great artist.

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