• Bryon Harris

Anna Claire Loftis - 'Broke Like Glass'

Written by Ionas Finser & Staff

A brief, ominous synth intro says all you need to know about this creative masterpiece. Anna Claire Loftis enters almost immediately with smooth, confident vocals that perfectly encapsulate the mysterious nature of the song.

The mix is full of beautifully composed textures, both synthetic and natural. The gravitational center of “Broke Like Glass” is the hard-hitting chorus, whose lyrics and melody will ring in your ears for decades.

Lyrically, Loftis always knows how to keep it interesting. The artist writes lyrics that are imaginative enough to make you think, demonstrating her uncanny abilities as a true poet. The overall vibe of the song feels like a breath of fresh air after being caged somewhere for a long time.

“I poured hot water on the ice that you and I made for each other. /Rewrite all the words we said, a verbal noose around my neck.”

Anna Claire Loftis has created a song that acts as a catchy, danceable pop tune, as well as a true piece of art. In every moment of music hides a plethora of complex textures and emotional colors. Loftis is an artistic voice in your head, pointing you towards the truth while seducing your senses.

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About Anna Claire Loftis

Though sonically inspired by minor keys and modes, Anna Claire Loftis’ lyrics work to show a glowing outlook on worldly matters. Driven by a desire to understand the true nature of things and strip back a falsified reality, her music explores honest truths that might be difficult to hear. In this world of abstracts, her pop-driven melodies and heavy synthetic beats attempt to provide an answer.

Anna Claire speaks both fondly and critically about her biblical background. Originally from Montgomery, AL she grew up in a Southern Baptist Church that flaunted open arms and a crisp exterior. Within her compositions, we have watched her writhe underneath that polished, glassy surface of religion. As she abandoned the charade of perfection, she was able to rediscover her faith, while also making the leap to Nashville.

Anna Claire’s music provides an escape that revels in authenticity and free flowing verses. Her hopeful spirit is not lost within her truth-telling art, but leaps out striking in songs like “In the Morning” and “Sleepwalker.” Speaking in metaphor and at other times quite plainly, she embraces her true calling as a poet of pop.

In Spring 2020, Anna Claire will release her second EP titled “Happy on TV.” With this new sound that drips both color and moxie, Anna Claire continues to define her niche amongst Nashville’s new scene of pop artists.


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