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Annemarie Picerno - 'Thank You'

Review by Ionas Finser & Staff

Annemarie Picerno is a polished entertainer and extraordinary singer-songwriter in Nashville,Tennessee. As a dynamic performer, Annemarie has taken the stage with bands in every genre of music. She has toured professionally and performed in dinner theaters, comedy shows, improv troupes, Disney World, and Busch Gardens, and she has been featured on television, commercials and film. Every song has been created on a 35 year-old classic Washburn guitar. Her latest single, "Thank You," is a great way to get acquainted with Annemarie's undeniable talent.

Annemarie Picerno’s “Thank You” opens gently, as the space is filled with rich ambience and good vibes. The artist’s vocals are strong, powerful, and unique, and portray every bit of her message in the most fabulous light. The soulful chorus is a highlight, demonstrating Picerno’s passion and wisdom while creating phrases that one can’t help but sing along to.

With every rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic detail, Annemarie Picerno creates an overall mood that is warm, hopeful, and triumphant.

The artist’s lyrics are a treat, as they speak to a resolution that we all must come to one day. In life, we can find ourselves distracted by ideas that seem to lead to happiness. In reality, true happiness begins with a lifestyle that centers around gratitude. This is the idea that Annemarie Picerno has arrived on in “Thank You,” empowering herself with gratitude instead of resting on the struggles of her past.

“Thank you for the strength I have today Thank you for the voice I have to pray Thank you I'm alive and I am safe Thank you for the love that still awaits.”

Annemarie Picerno is a role model for today’s youth, who gravitate increasingly towards unhealthy lifestyles and mindsets. “Thank You” is a masterpiece built on one idea that we can all find truth in, set to ardent, triumphant music. Look to Picerno as a leader of the future of art, and savor this artist’s authentic approach to music.

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