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Art Tawanghar - 'Let Me See That Fire'

Review by Daniel Deprè & Staff

“Let Me See That Fire” is the kind of song you want to wind down to after a long day. There is a plethora of sounds beautifully layered into the production of this song that feel atmospheric and relaxed. An echoing guitar begins the song while a trippy vocal based synth echoes on top.

Further ornamenting the song are warped synthetic effects, harp glissandos, and granulated synth sounds. After the first chorus there is a synth solo that convulses and flutters with passion all while maintaining the song's tranquil atmosphere. The solo serves as a perfect break from the vocals while giving the song even more dynamic sound design.

The lyrics are set to invoke our inner sense of spirit while also calling upon our natural desire for lust. There is a wonderful sense of mindfulness here that explores the beauty of sexuality and self-discovery. “You’re love is so sweet, so put it on me, do we take it higher?, what do you desire? Let me see that fire”. The lyrics have such a fluidity to them and are so poetic with how they rhyme. The questions asked are there to inspire a kind of self-introspection that most songs don’t delve into.

Singer Molly Moore sings with such soulful passion that is reminiscent of singers like Aretha Franklin and Beyonce. Some of the incisive rhythms she throws into her vocal performance feel inspired by the rhythmic motifs often heard in Hip Hop as well. The addition of the vocal harmonies in the chorus’ creates a gospel like affect that deepens the songs spiritual quest of finding one’s soul.

“Let Me See That Fire” is an incredible R & B song that is sure to spark a sensual flame inside you.


About Art Tawanghar

Art Tawanghar is an award-winning and Billboard charting composer, musician and multi-genre producer, who combines electronic production, live instrumentation, and a variety of Western and Eastern cultural influences to craft his uniquely relaxing and soul-searching sounds.

Tawanghar released his spiritually searching album “Soul of the Earth” in 2016. A year later he dropped “Buddha Lounge”, the instrumental album charted on Billboard #1 for 13+ weeks in the New Age Chart. This was followed by “Buddha Lounge 2” which won many accolades, and was also considered for the 61st Grammy Awards.

June 2019 saw Art Tawanghar raise the bar even higher, with the releases of “Buddha Lounge 3 Chill – New Age California” – containing 7 deeply meditative and life-affirming songs. Everything within its leaps and bounds is quite remarkable on this album, either through pure musicality, or the immense emotional basis that Tawanghar’s arrangements thrive on.


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