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B.Damesenjah - "Hope ft Serenity"

Review by Daniel Deprè

“Hope” feat. Serenity is a wonderful mix of genre’s and it creates such an uplifting feeling that makes you want to sing out along with the song. Featuring some fire freestyle raps over a heavy hip-hop beat, the song is fresh and powerful. Mixed in with the hip hop vibe is an indie rock-style guitar that gives the song its emotional atmosphere. It’s amazing how well these two styles mix here to create something truly beautiful.

Lyrically, this is a song about redemption and love. The lyrics inspire us to trust in our savior and know that somebody is always looking out for us. There is also a touching sense of appreciation and abundance in the lyrics, written with clever comparisons and incredible flow.

“I don’t know what I’d do without your mercy, you came in within my soul when I was thirsty, I was riding in my scene living hopeless, you spoke a word up in my heart and gave me focus”.

The lyrics have such truth to them, and it makes them easily relatable to the listener. The clever rhymes add to their catchy nature and help them stick in your brain long after listening to the song.

The song opens with a warm clean guitar ostinato that is so lyrical and catchy, it’s a beautiful backdrop for the majority of the track. The beat is so thick and full, and it creates a strong rhythm for the song that will make you groove out while listening. To complement the clean guitar, some subtle but airy and light synths are added in which further the song's heavenly and bright sound. Serenity’s vocals in the chorus are a sensational addition to the song, adding some range to the vocal frequencies and bringing even more emotional elements to the track. “Hope” feat. Serenity is a unique and beautiful track that will get stuck in your head long after it inspires you to feel a deep level of gratitude and hope.

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About JB Damesenjah

JB is known for his hard street lyrics melodic type voice with a versatile skill that's been lost in hip hop for some time. He has been redeemed by Christ and the gift that God has given him n the first place has increased. JB has a message for the world to hear and it's needed. Damesenja has music for everyone.

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