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Barbara Teresa - 'Just This One Time”

Review by Daniel Deprè & Staff

“Just This One Time” is a subdued and delicate pop song with a heavy sentimental undertone. Beginning as a simple acoustic pop track, the instrumentation expands adding new sounds and variety. However, it maintains it’s really relaxed vibe from start to finish. There is a lingering sense of disappointment and heartbreak felt from the musical storytelling and this effortlessly taps into the listener’s naturally sympathetic ear. Light acoustic sounds mixed with melancholy lyrics make “Just This One Time” a truly memorable soft pop track.

Lyrically, songwriter Barbara Teresa is reflecting on a bittersweet night that took place between two people. The lyrics are written in such a way that they aptly recreate how this night was a one-sided venture, and one person is left longing and feeling not quite right. The lyrics also very poetically bring to light that it was not a sober encounter, which likely played a big part into the intensity of the moment. “We slur our words under our breaths, I put my trust in you to the test.” This insinuation comes up again later in the song as well. “The touch of a hand on my spine, your drunken lips merge into mine, whatever is said, let’s keep it between you and I.” The lyrics are really quite sensual, but they are wrapped in a feeling of regret and sadness as well.

The arrangement of “Just This One Time” is decidedly minimalistic and gentle. This could be an epic and boisterous pop song about heartbreak, but instead producer Danny Balentine decided to really reflect the emotional aspect of the lyrics. This aesthetic pays off in helping “Just This One Time” hit home.

Beginning with a beautiful acoustic guitar riff that is echoed by a washed-out guitar effect, this mirrors “Just This One Time’s” story perfectly. The guitars sort of communicate to one another, reflecting how these two people from the lyrics spent a night together, with one being much more distant than the other. Barbara Teresa’s voice is so soft and full. She has the kind of voice that is very sweet and expressive, you can really hear the pain in her expressive interpretation. She gives a beautiful performance here, all while remaining gentle and chill. “Just This One Time” is a lovely and captivating pop song that is alluring and atmospheric'

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About Barbara Teresa Barbara Teresa was born with an innate love and talent for the arts. The Caracas-born, LA-based 18-year-old started singing and playing piano in primary school, writing songs in her early teens, and teaching herself how to play guitar and ukulele in recent years.

Barbara always knew she wanted to dive into the world of music and entertainment, but her demanding studies and busy schedule made this nothing more than an out-of-reach dream. Set to head to Duke University in the fall of 2020, COVID travel restrictions along with many other factors persuaded the young musician to take a gap year, in turn kicking off her music career. Time in isolation helped Barbara explore herself as an artist. She spent most of her days writing songs, playing instruments, and teaching herself how to produce music.

Raised listening to a melting pot of artists, genres, and music from different periods, Barbara Teresa has found inspiration in every corner of the musical scene, and she always tries to bring elements of what she loves into her work. With that being said, Barbara’s songwriting and musical style is heavily influenced by Taylor Swift, Lorde, Phoebe Bridgers, and Gracie Abrams — four artists she looks up to tremendously. Barbara’s songs can be described as genre-blending pop. Her different works often nod at r&b, folk, rock, and other styles of music. Her lyrics delve into the subjects of teenage struggles, ranging from heartbreak to self-love, friendships, and more. Her sound is soft, fresh, and simplistic; her words sincere, clever, and poetic, igniting nostalgia for youthfulness in her listeners.

For more information on Barbara Teresa, please visit her website.


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