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Barry Oreck – We Fit Together

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

Barry Oreck is a prolific Brooklyn-based singer and songwriter who is known for his thought-provoking, often darkly humorous lyrics and music that encompass personal and political topics. Oreck honed his craft surrounded by the rich folk and blues tradition of his native Chicago. He studied with such folk luminaries as Frank Hamilton and Steve Goodman at the famed Old Town School of Folk Music and soaked in the exploding blues scene.

Oreck has two albums to date, including his 2016 self-titled release and his successful 2018 follow-up, How the Bright Earth Spun. His third release, a five-song EP entitled We Fit Together was inspired by the “political shock of 2016.” In addition to his songwriting career, Oreck has also spent decades in New York as a performer and choreographer in dance and theater and creating sound and text scores for numerous productions. The title track off We Fit Together is a great way to get acquainted with Oreck's appeal.

In “We Fit Together” Barry Oreck captivates listeners through a grooving arrangement and a lush vocal performance. The plucky arrangement highlights infectious melodic play between panned guitars. Musicians include Rima Fand (violin, vocals), Jesse Miller (guitar, vocals), and Adam Armstrong (bass).

As the song kicks off, Barry enters with playful, poetic, similes delivered by warm baritone vocals that make for a feel-good timbre. Barry wrote the lyrics along with Larry Stallman Moving forward, the arrangement builds with a bouncing bass-line and upon reaching the chorus, soft, sweet vocal harmonies from Rina as they sing,

"How did we land in the same time and space? How did the tumblers all fall into place? How did we earn the incredible grace? To be us as only we could; and to" fit together so good.”

More faint layers of harmony fill the spaces adding further depth and rich tone to the vocals that you will love. Switching off Rina takes the lead vocals helping unfold the playful love story between the two parts as we listen.

A lulling instrumental section featuring a soothing, slightly twangy, violin solo works a transition to the final section of the song with dynamic change in the rhythmic phrasing of the guitars.

"We Fit Together" is about a harmonious connection between two people. The poetic folk ballad explores the emotional, physical and spiritual rhythm of love within a universal context.

Listeners are treated to an engaging musical arrangement, tender vocal performances, and genuine thoughtfulness making “We Fit Together” captivating, delightful and uplifting.

For more information on Barry Oreck, please visit his website.


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