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Barry Rock - "Shannon"

Review by Victoria Scott & Staff

"Shannon" by the excellent Barry Rock from his latest album, This Storm, is a country-rock love ballad. Lou Agiesta on drums comes in with an upbeat country drum groove, as Jim Sarles riffs on lead guitar, and Producer Mick James is booming on bass. Barry has a knack for putting together a stellar band.

Barry's raspy rock vocals introduce the first verse, as the strings and Paul Weiss on keys build-up to the chorus. Before the break, smooth background vocals accompany Barry's rustic voice for a nice touch as the band slows down the groove.

The song tells a true story about a man's admiration for a beautiful woman. Barry Rock wrote Shannon for his Co-star Shannon Murphy, who was part of the “This is the End” video. “Shannon” is a beautiful love poem of Barry’s admiration and love for his co-star. He sings the song with heart and passion for this beautiful woman. She is like a sunshine ray, and he sings about how he wishes she would stay with him.

“Shannon stay here tonight. Your soft skin glows in the morning sun, melting my heart before we were done, that note from you was like an evening night, a kiss from you makes my day seem bright.”

Check out the video of This is the End to fully appreciate the charisma of actress, "Shannon." She truly lights up the screen and steals the show.

The artist Barry Rock is a master at the classic, country-rock genre. His gritty 70s rock style is appealing to a wide audience. “Shannon” is dynamic and soulful with background harmonies and upbeat drum and guitar riffs. The lyrics have a theatrical spark and are engaging to the listener. The song is catchy and easy to follow lyrically, and Barry’s electric energy resonates throughout the song. He is a talented and versatile artist who will continue to write incredible music.

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About Barry Rock

Barry Rock can best be described as a singer/songwriter that has you humming his melodies & lyrics, at first listen. Born and raised in NY, Barry’s Retro musical style was influenced by the best of them. Including The Beatles, Billy Joel, The Beach boys and the Cars to name a few.

Barry majored in acting at community college and played in bands thru his college years where he developed a magnetic stage presence. He went on to start and own a DJ Entertainment Company, working weddings and corporate events as well. From 2008-2012 Barry Moved to LA where he picked up the vibe of west coast music. He incorporates these styles with incredible hooks you just can’t get out of your head.

Barry’s goal is to continue writing and working with incredible musicians, & place music in TV and film. His music is a perfect match for Child based media. One listen & you will agree his songs have Disney written all over them!


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