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Becky Raisman - "Sun"

“Sun” by Becky Raisman is a lively song bursting with energy and the ultimate feel-good summer vibes. Full of contrasting textures and dazzling instrumental layers, Raisman’s vivid new tune will have listeners hooked in an instant.

“Sun” has all the elements of a perfect pop ear worm. Punchy electronic drums lay the foundation for atmospheric synth keys that echo throughout the soundscape, while Raisman’s voice sits soundly at the front of the mix. The palpable energy almost shimmers the sound waves as sharp percussion cuts through in catchy rhythms, creating a modern-pop/dance sound like that of Halsey or the Chainsmokers. With such a bright sonic palette, her “sunny" lyricism truly fits in.

“Love is all I’m aiming

Yeah, I feel love in the air

All the meaning I’m searching for

I feel it within our pair…”

The chorus explodes into a full-blown pop rave, the heart of the song beating with newfound vigor as Raisman sings energetically:

“You might just be the one,

Where you feel like the sun,

Yeah the stars up in the sky

When I’m with you feel like mine…”

A catchy motif serves as the chorus hook, allowing listeners a chance to fall into the rhythm and connect with the lyricism. You can feel the yearning and passion radiating through the chorus lyrics: the feeling of falling in love with someone exciting and warm. There’s a sense of familiarity within these feelings, and paired with such a vibrant track, these emotions in Becky Raisman’s lyrics are contagious - in the absolute best way.

“Sun” is a sparkling sonic picture of bliss, capturing joy and exhilaration in each vivid instrument, landing Raisman’s new tune as an ultimate summer jam.


About Becky Raisman

Becky Raisman is a singer/songwriter, keyboard player and lesbian. Becky is originally from the Chicagoland area Highland Park and Waukegan. She has even recorded at Omnisound studios in Nashville and Charleston sound studios. I'm also a Columbia college Chicago alumni class of 2007. I studied with different voice teach.

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