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Belle Lundon - 'My Soul to Keep'

Review by Ionas Finser & Staff

A gentle piano motif opens “My Soul to Keep”, layered with ominous vinyl static. Belle Lundon’s vocal entrance will send chills down your spine, enchanting your ears with smoothness and soul.

Throughout the duration of the song, one encounters dynamic percussion, expressive melodies, moving strings, and a chorus reminiscent of an epic final scene in a movie.

Lyrically, Belle Lundon creates a stirring image of finding peace and solace in the midst of chaos and torment. Her lyrics revolve around the idea of seeking support in community, an idea that is reflected in the way the chorus relies on a full choir of voices for its strength. Every phrase Lundon creates is powerful and sincere; a prayer in the truest sense.

“I guess I need guidance

I guess I need more faith

Cause all I know I'm in hell,

please unlock the gate!”

It is refreshing to stumble upon a song with this level of passion and dedication fused between every beat and phrase. Belle Lundon knows how to put her heart on the table in her music, and in doing so creates a product that everyone can resonate and sympathize with. If you’re looking for music that embodies every bit of the word ‘soul’, look no further than “My Soul to Keep.” Listen on Spotify.

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About Belle Lundon

Belle Lundon was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. At a very young age, Lundon demonstrated talent in music and with the support and recognition of her parents, she attended The New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts. After graduating the performing arts high-school, she attended the conservatory, California Institute of the Arts, in Valencia, California.

Lundon began recording her lyrics and posted "My Soul to Keep" on YouTube. In 2016, she entered a music competition called, 'Apollo's Making A Star' sponsored by Coca Cola to be flown to Harlem, New York for a taped YouTube series. She performed the cover, "He Wants it All" by Forever Jones, on the world famous Apollo Theater Stage. Lunden continues to write songs and performs monthly with the Lakewood Church young adult team within the church.


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