• Bryon Harris

Between Giants - “Nauseous”

Review by Aaron Cloutier & Staff

There is an atmospheric quality to the sound of “Nauseous” that draws you in and has an inclusive and immersive effect. Seeing as the inspiration behind the song is about drowning yourself in someone to forget somebody else, it makes me wonder if the washes of keys and synth, courtesy of Hans Massaquoi, along with the reverb drenched guitars of Tyler John and Guy Fiumarelli, were done with the intention of making the listener feel submerged.

Even though Between Giants are touted as an alternative rock band, they give off an ambient vibe, drawing in listeners through an emphasis on tone and atmosphere. Even the drum performance of Pat Williams is put far in the background to allow for the atmospheric qualities of the remaining instruments to fill out the stereo image. I’m also surprised to hear there’s very little low end happening in this track as there is no bass player adding to their unique and appealing sound.

Either way, it serves as an effective way to set the tone for the rest of the song to unfold. Even though there is evidence of experimentation and possible prog-rock ambient influence from Pink Floyd, the song is very catchy. All built around the tried and true "1-5-6-4" chord progression, Between Giants knows what great songwriting is all about.

Amidst the airy qualities of the music, it’s the vocals who take center stage here as John goes from an intimate “whisper in your ear” style during the verses to a powerfully mournful wail delivery in the chorus. I particularly like his usage of alliteration in lyrics such as “Feels like the medicines messing with me.” His performance is both emotive and haunting.

In short, “Nauseous” is a catchy offering from Between Giants that will have fans of atmospheric alternative coming back for more.

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About Between Giants

Between Giants blend each members unique styles and influences to craft a sophisticated coalescence of part punch you in the face gritty indie-rock, and part infectious summer ready pop tunes. 

This versatility within their composition and production has brought the boys local and national attention on their way to clearing over 2 million streams across all platforms with over 30,000 consistent monthly listeners located in multiple major US cities, landed massive sync deals with department stores and radio stations across the world, scored a Netflix feature on the Japanese show “Terrace House” and much much more. 

The guys don’t stop at the studio, they do that shit live. Between Giants electric and passionate performances have seen then cemented as a must see local and national act. They have opened for heavy hitters such as Lydia, Kodaline, Drake Bell, Jon Bellion, Sea Girls and The Rocket Summer. Additionally they have nearly sold out every headliner they’ve put together, both in CT and NYC.


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