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Bible Belt Blues - 'Holy Revival'

Review by Ionas Finser & Staff

Harold and Paula Vega Vondenstein are Bible Belt Blues, a husband and wife music ministry duo from Gulfport, Mississippi. Their music and lyrics are bold and biblically sound.Influenced by early Mississippi Bentonia blues and a bit of 70’s retro mixed in for good measure,gritty guitar picking and weeping harmonica are the perfect backdrop for their full-fledged repentance and church revival songs. Bible Belt Blues started creating music together as a couple in early September of 2018 when Paula convinced her husband, Harold, to let her start writing the lyrics first, which sets the tonality and structure for the music. Since January of 2019, the Vondensteins have released two Christian albums, “I’m Not Ashamed to Be a Christian” and “My God, My God.”To date, eleven of their Bible Belt Blues songs have already received radio airplay, thanks to Bill and Kat Radio’s Cross 104 Gospel Blues Hour Syndicated Radio Program resulting in numerous placements on the Roots Music Report. Bible Belt Blues won the coveted 2019 Josie Music Award for Gospel/ Christian Duo after more than 23,000 nominations were submitted across all genres from around the globe.


"Holy Revival"

An ominous bell marks the beginning of "Holy Revival," a rich song of devotion and prayer. A raw, soulful guitar strums gentle arpeggios as Harold Vondenstein’s thick, raspy voice, enters with the first verse. Expressive guitar fills provide perfect counterpoint to the vocal melody, characterizing the mood brought by the lyrics. As the piece nears an end, brisk biblical winds are introduced, creating a space that is perfect for reflection and prayer.

This blues-inspired song of faith is teeming with emotion and devotion on the highest level!

Lyrically, “Holy Revival” asks the Holy Spirit to come to the broken. Harold Vondenstein takes his time putting the message out, but his patience results in no lack of vitality nor ardor. On the contrary, his musical patience compels the listener to rest on every syllable.

When it comes to revival Gospel music lyrics, Paula Vega Vondenstein is true to His Word. The violent rushing wind (at the end of the song) is as the Holy Spirit is depicted in Acts 2:2.

Paula is clearly reverent which gives the song it's earth-trembling quality.

“We turn we turn from our wicked ways / Ohhh...come Holy Spirit / Stir up a Holy Revival”

Bible Belt Blues’ “Holy Revival” is your go-to Gospel Blues song. The Vondenstein's have produced a song that can stir up a revival, in the ears and in the heart. The vision and faith apparent in the Vondensteins’ art is contagious and inspirational. From musical elements to powerful lyrics, Bible Belt Blues has created a work that will resonate in the ears and hearts of the masses for centuries to come.

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