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Bible Belt Blues - 'Seeker of my Very Soul'

Written by Sylvie Marie & Staff

Paula Vega Vondenstein is the Visionary, Lyricist, and Producer for Bible Belt Blues, a Music Ministry she founded with her husband, Harold, in September of 2018. As Christian musicians, the Vondensteins have dared to go where many Christian musicians have dared not tread: to address sin, repentance, and salvation in their songs. Without giving much thought to radio, sixteen of their original twenty three songs have already received radio airplay. They view themselves as Evangelist songwriters believing that a song with biblically sound lyrics can soften a hardened heart to be receptive to the gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ. Bible Belt Blues has released two albums in 2019, “I’m Not Ashamed to Be a Christian” and “My God, My God” and won the prestigious 2019 Josie Music Award for Gospel/ Christian Duo. With this introduction, a great way to get acquainted - or swept off your feet - by Bible Belt Blues is to take a listen to one of their latest singles, "Seeker of My Very Soul."

"Seeker of My Very Soul" will stop you in your tracks. Starting with the song's title, the song is not "Seeker of My Soul", but "Seeker of my Very Soul." This struck me as profound. It's as if the message is saying that you only have one precious soul and from the title alone, you are curious to listen as it sounds like there is an important message to hear.

"Seeker of My Very Soul" commences with a classic 12-bar blues groove on the guitar played by Harold Vondenstein. Throughout the blues driven landscape, Harold adds tasteful guitar fills and heartfelt, soulful solos. Harold commences singing the self-confident lyrics with a laid-back speak-song tone. His subdued voice draws you in. Later in the song, his vocals get bolder and more open, building with tension and passion as if a fire is burning under the lyrics, starting with a spark and growing into a full flame.

The song starts with the story of someone who has taken their life into their own hands and it's not working out that well.

"I'm Master of my own domain / Going nowhere fast / Like a gerbil on a wheel / I'm Going nowhere fast. / I'm seeking my own truth / On what feels right to me / I'm choosing my own path / Not God's perfect plan for me."

As the song moves forward, the lyrics change. "It's time for me to step down from the throne of my own life. The Creator of the Universe is seeking my very soul." The lyrics are stunning as this may be one of the first inspirational songs that turns the tables on longing. We live in a world where we are all longing for the next big thing. We long for money, for a bigger house, for a better relationship, for a faster car, and other material desires. We may even have all those things and we feel that "we made it" or that we are "living the dream." In "Seeker of My Very Soul" instead of the lost soul "longing" for Jesus, the lyrics strikingly say that Jesus is longing for you. Many people will be surprised to hear that Jesus is longing for their soul.

"The King of Glory / The King of Majesty / He's seeking my very soul / He's longing for my very soul / Jesus is longing for my very soul. "

The poetic lyrics by Paula are enough to give you shivers on your arms and when you add Harold's blues guitar playing, these two artists are like a gust of wind on your soul. Ultimately the song is about surrendering to the Seeker of your soul and who is that seeker - it's not you; it is Jesus. "It’s time for me to step down from the throne of my own life and give Jesus His rightful place. As the song winds down, the lyrics describe a complete surrender. "It's time for me to fully surrender my heart, my will, my life to the seeker of my very soul."

Bible Belt Blues are taking the gospel world by storm with a sound that is raw and real. With a mesmerizing guitar and vocal performance set to captivating lyrics, Harold Vondenstein and Paula Vega Vondenstein are fully united in their mission - to wake the sleeping soul from sin to repentance and salvation.

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