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Bible Belt Blues - 'Unstoppable'

By Brandon Watts & Sylvie Marie

Bible Belt Blues is ready to uplift your spirits and get you moving with their new uptempo jam, “Unstoppable.” Kicking off the record, a rocking, syncopated drum beat acts as an introduction to the magnetic electric guitar that sets the groove with a bluesy chord progression. Harold then delivers the first chorus with radiant energy that will make you feel unstoppable as well. After the first chorus, the instrumental arrangement is bolstered with the addition of a fat bassline that makes sure to get your body moving.

Before the last vocal section of the song, the song offers up an instrumental break to showcase some twangy riffs on electric guitar keeping the high octane energy that Harold delivered through his vocals. “Unstoppable” is a call to action that will inspire you to do better and fulfill your purpose.

The lyrics were written by the "unstoppable" Paula Vega Vondenstein who wears many hats in this dynamic duo. The inspiration behind “Unstoppable” comes from Acts 1:8 and Matthew 28:16-20. It is a call to action for Christians who are filled with the Holy Spirit to fulfill The Great Commission (to share the Gospel to the ends of the earth). "Unstoppable" is exactly what listeners are looking for after a year of uncertainty and doubt. In "Unstoppable", Paula addresses a force that runs through her very being giving her life purpose and calling her to action. In the very first line of the song, the power within is identified as the Holy Spirit.

"I’ve got that Holy Spirit power Pouring through my veins Holy Spirit power Pouring through my veins I am unstoppable Pouring through my veins Yeah I am unstoppable" As the song moves forward, Paula invites us into the mindset of someone who is filled with the Holy Spirit. With the Holy Spirit running her life, she has focus, vision, purpose, and direction. She is happy, healthy, and blessed. "I’ve got purpose, direction I know what I must do Purpose, direction I know what I must do I am unstoppable"

The song ends with the catch-phrase, "I've gotta get busy." It's a significant moment in the song as the word "busy" speaks to activity as opposed to idleness.

What gives you boundless energy, excitement, and purpose? Are you happy, healthy and blessed? Is it exercise, power drinks, caffeine, a morning jog? In "Unstoppable", Bible Belt Blues have the Holy Spirit running through their veins and their music with a message and sound that is surely unstoppable.

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About Bible Belt Blues

Harold and Paula Vega Vondenstein are Bible Belt Blues, an award-winning gospel blues duo from Gulfport, Mississippi. Known for their bold, biblically sound lyrics, Bible Belt Blues is setting the stage for a new wave of Christian music crafted to be an evangelical tool where the lyrics take center stage. Bible Belt Blues has gained tremendous momentum with twenty-seven of their songs having received radio airplay, extensive media coverage including nine magazine articles in Write Away Magazine, amazing song reviews in Please Pass the Indie and Indie Spoonful international music blogs, interviews (TV & print), and the signing of nine of their original Bible Belt Blues songs with Bongo Boy Records in five separate compilation albums, of which two albums have already been released.

Bible Belt Blues has won numerous awards including the 2019 Josie Music Award for Gospel/Christian Duo, the 2020 W.A.M. Music Award for Best Lyrics for Gospel/Christian Song, and two Finalist 2020 InterContinental Music Awards for Best Gospel/Christian-America. Bible Belt Blues most recently received a 2021 Josie Music Award nomination for their much-acclaimed 2nd album, "My God, My God.” This is their third consecutive year to receive a Josie Music Award nomination with the stakes much higher this time with 38,000+ submissions across all genres from around the globe. Bible Belt Blues' music has placed on WNIR Radio’s Top 10 Monthly Chart for eleven consecutive months during 2020 even though WNIR Radio is a secular radio station. Their boldest song, "Mighty Warriors for Christ" held the #1 spot on WNIR for three consecutive months in 2021 (March-May). Bible Belt Blues was also the inspiration behind the creation of WNIR Radio's new Christian program, "Spirit & Soul."

Bible Belt Blues released two albums in 2019 ("I'm Not Ashamed to Be a Christian" and "My God, My God") and are currently working on completing their 3rd album, “Preacher and the Bluesman” of which they have released four songs during 2020. Bible Belt Blues is on a roll again with their recent release, "Unstoppable," on May 20, 2021, a feature article to promote its release in the June 2021 issue of Write Away Magazine, and its official radio airplay launch this week on WNIR Radio. Amazingly, the Vondensteins handle every facet of their music production including lyric writing, composing, recording, performing, mixing, mastering, producing, marketing, securing radio airplay, album cover design, building their website and YouTube Channel, as well as creating their own music videos under Vondenstein Video Productions.


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