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Bible Belt Blues - 'We Worship the King of Kings'

Review by Sylvie Marie & Staff

Bible Belt Blues are a husband and wife Gospel Blues duo consisting of Harold Vondenstein (vocals/guitar) and Paula Vega Vondenstein (lyricist, producer, visionary).

Their song "We Worship the King of Kings" offers a slightly different sound from the duo who usually churn out heavy-hitting, swampy gospel blues redemption songs. Instead, this song starts out lighter than usual with a more delicate, acoustic touch. Harold Vondenstein strums lightly in 6/8 time. Over the soft strumming, he plays melodic lines that grow in intensity as the song progresses. Harold's voice is full of expression in this song as he keeps it subdued and reverent. This is so very fitting for a song about worship.

The song's lyrics were composed by Paula Vega Vondenstein who is also the group's lyricist, producer and visionary. The song commences as a gathering of all people for a purpose - to worship God.

We are people of all color / Brothers/sisters in Christ our King / Every tribe, every nation, every tongue / We all come together / To worship the King of Kings."

Each verse ends with "We worship the King of Kings" for a call and response feel.

This is a great touch as it perfectly ties together the idea that we all may worship in slightly different ways, according to our own cultures, but what is important is that we worship Him and we worship together.

At first listen, the song describes how we worship. We raise our hands. We praise Him. We bow down. We make a joyful noise. But, anyone who is familiar with the Bible Belt Blues knows that Paula Vega Vondenstein always takes her lyrics to a deeper level. It's a little like peeling an onion. Her lyrics have many facets. "In We Worship the King of Kings" Paula explores Revelation 7:9 and the concept that worship is open to all cultures, all races, all people. This is a song about peace and racial harmony achieved through worshiping God. It is not the kind of peace or harmony that comes from external forces, it is peace on earth as it is in heaven created by everyone connected to The Lord and, as Paula writes, it is the most powerful course of action. "A mighty chorus is our voice."

In "We Worship the King of Kings" Paula Vega Vondenstein has written a vision of unity, peace and harmony through the joyful and reverent act of worshiping God. Along with Harold Vondenstein's inviting composition, the song is easy to join in and sing along to as it invites everyone to worship according to their own culture, whether it is playing music, swaying your hands, or bowing down on your knees.

Once again, the Bible Belt Blues have written, produced and performed a gospel song that opens the doors of faith. With it's strong melodic structure, beautiful lyrics, and solid invitation, "We Worship the King of Kings" could easily fill hymnals and churches across the land.

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About Bible Belt Blues

Bible Belt Blues is a husband and wife Gospel Blues duo consisting of Harold Vondenstein (guitar) and Paula Vega Vondenstein (lyricist, producer, visionary). They have released two Gospel Blues albums to critical acclaim, “I’m Not Ashamed to Be a Christian” and “My God, My God.” They are winners of the coveted Josie Music Award for Gospel/ Christian Duo. Eighteen of their songs have already received radio airplay thanks to Bill and Kat Radio’s Cross 104 Gospel Blues Hour Syndicated Program, Country Blast’s Multi-Genre Hour, WQFX Power Gospel Radio, and National Indie Radio (WNIR). Their song "We Worship the King of Kings" is an inviting song for our times.


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