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Billy Ray Deiz - 'Workin'

Billy RayDeiz' single, "Workin," can be found on BWH Music Group's "Keepin' It Country, Vol. One." The compilation album features the best independent stars in today's contemporary country music scene.

Award-winning, singer-songwriter Billy Ray Deiz has written and published dozens of songs. In 2006, his song "Rather Have Sooner" was chosen as a finalist in the Chris Austin Songwriter’s Contest. Deiz performed it live at Merlefest in North Carolina where it was awarded #3 ( in the Nation) in its category. In 2008, his Nashville-produced song "Carolina Blue" was a finalist in the UK Songwriting Competition. His prolific music career started in the summer of 1965 with the soul band that Deiz helped form in his basement, The Harlequins. Their guitar player, Bob Welch, would later find fame with Fleetwood Mac. The band was signed by music publisher Larry Shayne and re-named The Seven Souls.  Shayne guided the band to a record contract with Loma Records, a subsidiary of Warner Brothers. Deiz also appears with Bob Dylan singing background on the Leonard Cohen album, Death of a Ladies Man, produced by the legendary Phil Spector, who credits the performance in the liner notes. 

There is a strong spirit of resiliency in Billy Ray Deiz' song "Workin," a song that brings to light the struggles of men and women across America who are living paycheck to paycheck trying their best to make ends meet. The middle-class is fading in America. Folks are working multiple jobs or working around the clock, even working on Christmas day, and they are not working for fancy clothes or fancy nights out on the town - they are working so their kids can eat.

"On the road again, my American dream is fadin' Workin' so damned hard, with no raise in pay... Cause I'm workin', morning noon and night Workin' trying to make it right Workin for my family Workin' so my kids can eat. "

Billy Ray Deiz delivers a riveting and emotional performance. There is nothing more powerful than a singer-songwriter who walks the walk. This message is important to Billy and you can hear passion in his expressive vocal delivery.

The arrangement to "Workin'" is folk-rock at it's best with strumming guitars, a great beat, and a very catchy singalong hook. It's no surprise that "Workin'" is doing well on the indie charts. Like all great folk protest songs, "Workin' reflects the heart of the people who want change and it has a hook that easy to grab onto.

"Workin" has the potential to take the country by storm because people are hungry, not just for food, but for a seat at the table with justice, equity and a fair shot at the "American Dream".


For more information on Billy Ray Deiz, please visit his artist profile page on BWH Music Group. There you will find links to Billy's website, social media, videos and more. For more information on 'Keepin' It Country, Vol. One' by Various Artists, please visit the album release page.

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