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“Blame” by John Maksym

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

"Blame" is an alternative and electro-rock song by John Maksym that has a modern edge and radio-ready, mass appeal. A synth bass beat introduces the smooth rock vibe as John's rap/vocals break through the mix. The bassist and lead guitarist, Mike Chhangur, kills it during the bridge as Live Hart sings impressive background vocals under John's vocal lead. Al Malnar's guitar harmonies move swiftly on top of the synth beat as the hip-hop backbeat comes in on the second verse. The song's funk electronic rock arrangement is catchy and electrifying.

"Blame" is masterfully produced and performed. Producer Jason "Human Kebab" Parsons's brings out John's hip-hop, synthesized rock style with clarity and itensity. The final mix by Adam Royce, Siegfried Meier, Mike Chhangur, Shawn Moore, and edits by Jericco Vera, tie in the hip-hop beats, electronic synth instrumentation, and rock groove for an ever-engaging track that can't be defined by genre. This is not paint-by-number music.

"Blame" is about looking in the mirror and seeing someone you're not particularly proud of. We all have done things we wish we could change, and we all have traits that need work. In some ways, "Blame" is a turning point. It's the critical moment when you take responsibility for your actions and turn a corner. John Maksym's raspy and roaring vocals wander through his past mistakes while the guitar wails to the electronic beat boom in the background. Maksym has a pure and crystal sound that resonates intensely.

“The guilt that ties knots in my stomach, And taunts as it carries the weight of contemptment, Suppressed by the highs, undressed by my eyes, Temporary relief like a substance, And I can’t make sense of my flawed conscience, As it’s caught in the toils of its residence, Gut check on myself, time for therapy help, Navigating the waters of my mental health.”

"Blame" is both introspective and extroverted as it contemplates the complexity of being a flawed human being while exuding the angst of those feelings outwardly.

John Maksym's artistry is exceptional and rare. He is reflective, in-depth, and relatable. His musical artistry and intelligent lyrics are a refreshing and rewarding experience for discearning ears.

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About John Maksym

When Kitchener, Ontario-native John Maksym was a kid, he liked to jump on his parents' furniture and sing along to Bruce Springsteen hits from the 80s while dawning a red cape and face mask playing a plastic red guitar. Music was his super hero. Today, Maksym brings that enthusiasm to his music career which encompases writing, recording and performing. As the frontman for several independent alternative rock bands from the late ‘90s to 2019, John honed his craft in the 13 years leading his most recent band, Breaching Vista. The highlights of his career include working with Live Nation Canada on several events; directly supporting Marianas Trench, Finger Eleven, Theory of a Deadman, USS, Kim Mitchell, and The Tea Party, playing The Vans Warped Tour, Sound of Music, and Beat Rocks the Block; working with JUNO Award winning producer, engineer, and mixer Siegfried Meier, who recorded Breaching Vista’s single Sleep (which gained rotation on terrestrial radio in Canada); gracing the cover of ECHO magazine; performing at the Gemini Awards; and John’s final BV song, "Planet", was a semi-finalist in the Music City Song Star (2019) and Unsigned Only (2020) songwriting competitions. John is embarking on the next chapter of his musical journey in 2020, launching his career as a solo recording artist.


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