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Blind Perception - 'A Captain Goes Down With His Ship'

Review by Victoria Scott & Staff

A blend of grunge, metal, and hark rock is offered up by Blind Perception in their EP Industrial Raunch, and their song “A Captain Goes Down with His Ship” is electrifying. In this song, listeners are treated to captivating storytelling and great musicianship.

From the very beginning listeners are drawn into the song with the sound of waves crashing. Soon, heavy metal guitar thunders in with powerhouse chords as the drums punch in, and husky grunge vocals introduce the first verse.

"He got his sea legs many years ago from sailing steamers always on the go. White Star Line picked him for his expertise A ship the unsinkable master of the Sea A master of the Seas."

The drummer Tommy is grooving with bassist Charlie and rhythm guitarist Theron who, together, keep the music snug and in the pocket. Lead guitarist Brent lays it down as he wails on the guitar. You can feel the intense dynamic between the musicians. Co-writer Roy August captures Blind Perception's 60's and 70's rock style, 80's metal and 90's grunge sound.

Through the power of hard rock, Blind Perception retells the story of Captain Edward John Smith of the RMS Titanic. The captain must ensure the safety of all his passengers and, unfortunately for the Titanic, more sank then survived. The story is about a magnificent ship that was supposed to make a triumphant history, and instead the history was a tragic one. In a sense, this is a song about failed expectations that end in despair.

"Lady luck smiled upon the kings of industry Riding on the future a voyage to make history Lady luck has a bad side exceptions are a myth Here's where the Captain goes down with his ship.”

Blind Perception seek to give their audience an unforgettable and authentic music experience, and they have done this with “A Captain Goes Down with His Ship.” This song looks through the lens of history and brings us the experience and emotion of the times through spellbinding lyrics and riveting musicianship.

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