• Bryon Harris

Bran L - “I Don’t Know” (Feat. E.Man_ Christian Smith)

“I Don’t Know” is a quiet hip-hop song with a subtle sense of epic revival. Like most hip-hop songs, the lyrics and beat evoke the feeling of confidence. It’s the kind of music that can make someone feel unstoppable like anything is possible. The underlying epic vibe also creates a very cool cinematic atmosphere, this song would work well playing for an opening of a movie or during the credits. The beat is thick and present, allowing the listener to feel the groove and move with the song.

Lyrically, Bran L is reflecting on how success is coming his way, but he doesn’t know exactly how. He is just happy to see the money coming in.

“I don’t know, I don’t know, hundred tens, count the bens”

Bran L also reflects on how his success isn’t for the sake of money, it’s for the sake of his happiness and livelihood. The lyrics are written in a way that is very direct and straightforward, allowing the listener to easily relate to what he is rapping about.

“I’m living my life, doing my thing, goin’ to college to get some knowledge”

Hip Hop is often all about seeming badass and wholly confident and Bran L’s lyrics certainly accomplish that.

The Arrangement is very minimal but creates enough of a backbone for the rappers to have enough support. A washed-out and airy piano-pad acts as the core of the instrument track, creating an atmospheric mood that is emotional and inspiring. The addition of guitar also adds some subtle but nice ornamentations to the track. Bran L’s voice is raw and hazy, creating a relaxed and laid-back kind of vibe. The guest artist E.Man’s rapping style works nicely with Bran L’s, whose voice is a bit thicker but still laid-back and minimalistic. “I Don’t Know” is a chill and confident hip-hop track.


About Bran L

BranL is a recording artist born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. His current catalog consists of 1 project, “Applause - EP” (2021) available on all digital streaming platforms.

Brandon Powell is an emerging hip-hop recording artist going by the stage name Bran L. His newest release “I Don’t Know” featuring E Man, and Christian Smith is gaining traction with a solid kick-off in April, 2021.

Bran's track was produced by MAKDOUBLE, EXPANDYOURM I N D, and Christian Smith. Already, the track has garnished enormous recognition, racking up a total of 2,141,064 total plays across all platforms with a steep spike in collaboration requests. Make sure to check out Bran L's music on SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music.


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